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Inspiration unlocks the future

Everyone in business is looking for the next big idea. But where’s it going to come from? The answer is that in the beginning, all great success stories start with some kind of inspiration. What if there was an easier way to connect real ideas and solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges with the brains and capital needed to inspire real change? One of the ongoing challenges facing the successful execution of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is identifying and elevating sustainable solutions, inspiring and engaging the right people, and securing ways to collaborate. Well, this exactly what the new Global Opportunity Explorer sets out to do.

The Global Opportunity Explorer is a powerful new online community building on open innovation, co-creation and collaboration. It represents solutions for different industry sectors: all are categorized according to the SDGs, and demonstrate practical approaches to issues ranging from water scarcity to resilient cities and clean energy.

The community is built on research covering 18,000 business leaders and 17 expert panels over a five-year period. It is an open community that seeks to drive innovation and foster new partnerships between companies looking to make a positive social or environmental impact.

It outlines more than 300 different ways organizations can make the world a more fair and sustainable place by 2030, with solutions ranging from fortified yogurt to combat malnutrition to carbon-positive prefabricated houses to textile dying without water or waste.

The new community aims to create an innovation hub in which everyone can contribute and share sustainable solutions and ideas, thereby giving voice to the entrepreneurs, inventors and passionate souls that work hard every day to make our planet healthier and our people happier.


The platform is constantly evolving, relying on continuous co-creation and crowd-sourcing to expand the existing pool of sustainable innovations. Anyone can nominate and contribution solutions through the Explorer’s submissions page.

Developed by the UN Global Compact, think tank Sustainia and DNV GL, the new community aims to demonstrate that environmental and social challenges present a number of unique business opportunities.

Art inspires. Humor inspires. Teamwork inspires. A greater purpose inspires. The Global Opportunity Explorer brings solutions into one dynamic community where companies, investors and entrepreneurs can connect, be inspired and work together to build solutions for the society of today and tomorrow.

“Inspiration unlocks the future. Technology will catch up” is a phrase created by one of my favorite directors Hayao Miyazaki in the animated movie “The Wind Rises”. Great action begins first as a thought. Inspired and inspiring leaders are working smarter not harder.

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