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We have found our Future Sustainability Leaders !

This week, DNV GL is proud to announce the winners of the 2015 Future Sustainability Leader Award. Young, visionary and creative, they are mobilizing agents of change in a world of opportunities.

With a mind-set that nothing is impossible, young people represent a tremendous resource. They grow up in a world filled with diversity, opportunities and a proliferation of innovative technologies which enable us to connect with others. We connect globally, locally and quickly. The global networks of youth are stronger and wider today than ever before. Empowering young leadership is essential to fuel the transition to the kind of future we want.

For many years, DNV GL has invested in finding passionate young people to get involved in our work towards achieving a safe and sustainable future. Together with Scandinavian think-tank Sustainia, we launched a social media campaign to search for young movers, shakers and change-makers for the 2015 Future Sustainability Leader Award. Across the globe, there are inspiring examples of courageous and farsighted individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations offering solutions to emerging challenges, and innovations that hold the promise to radically improve how human society is organised. This was reflected in the overwhelming amount of inspiring nominations we received. After carefully considering an impressive shortlist of candidates, we finally chose our two winners: Parrys Raines and Carlos Cadena Gaitan.


Parrys Raines of climategirl.com.au. Photo: Twitter.com/climate_girl


Australian-born Parrys has shown extraordinary talents, at an early age, in communicating and engaging the youth in her work and passion for sustainability. On the other side of the globe, the Columbian activist and think-tank co-founder Carlos has used social media and art to mobilise for a sustainable transformation of urban cities. They create change in their local community which sees international effects. Both Parrys and Carlos will be actively involved in our journey moving beyond current thinking towards actions that hold the potential to generate real transformative change.


Carlos Cadena Gaitan of LaCiudadVerde.org. Photo: Carlos Cadena Gaitan


One stop on this journey is our high-level roundtable in June. Together with international sustainability front runners and thought leaders, Carlos and Parrys will actively contribute with their inspirational stories and visions for the future. We know what it is that we need to do to get the world back on track towards a sustainable future. And they will help us with the big question – how can we mobilise people to seize the opportunities for change. No doubt, this is a space to watch.

The 2014 roundtable explored pathways to transformation towards our vision of a safe and sustainable future. Learn more about the outcome from last year’s discussions here. Keep up to date with 2015 roundtable news via Twitter: #WorldOfOpportunities, or find more information on DNV GL’s sustainability work here.

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Avatar ocean says:

exciting! next generation grow up!new hope, new oppotunity

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