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Who is the 2015 Future Sustainability Leader?

Putting the world on a more sustainable path is in everyone’s best interest, but no one has a greater stake in securing the future than our youth. That’s why, along with Scandinavian think tank Sustainia, we’re searching for young movers, shakers and change-makers as candidates for the 2015 Future Sustainability Leader Award.

3He could be an entrepreneur, or an activist. She could be a scientist, or a student. We want you to nominate a passionate person under 40, from any industry, in any corner of the world. Someone who is spreading ideas and actions, encouraging others to seize new opportunities and hastening the transformation to a safer, more sustainable future.

Need some inspiration? Meet last year’s winner Kajsa Li Paludan, co-founder of Cultura21Nordic. Our 2013 Future Sustainability Leaders were Alec Loorz and Grace Mwaura. Alec, the founder of Kids vs Global Warming, brought a climate change lawsuit against the US government at the age of 16. Grace is a passionate advocate for intergenerational conversation and co-founder of the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change. In 2009 she led the largest-ever delegation of African youth to the United Nations Conference of the Parties.

We’ll shortlist 15 candidates, and then an expert committee will select the winner based on who has the greatest potential to mobilize for sustainable transformation. He or she will address an audience of high-level global leaders from business, government and civil society at a sustainability roundtable in Oslo in June.

Nominations close Mar 29, 2015. Nominate your sustainability champions today! Keep up with the latest Future Sustainability Leader and roundtable developments by following @DNVGL, @Sustainia and #WorldOfOpportunities on Twitter.

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Avatar Rafe Mair says:

I nominate Damien Gillis, a brilliant environmental document maker and publisher of commonsensecanadian.ca an environmental online paper which has becone very influential in British Columbia, and elsewgere

Hi Rafe,
Damien sounds like a great candidate. Be sure to enter his details on http://www.sustainia.me/leaders/ so he can be in the running!
Kind regards,
DNV GL / Emily

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