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Digitalization and software solutions


The DNV Customer Portal: A wealth of knowledge at your fingertips

How do you get in touch with DNV Technical Support? Long gone are the days of fax machines and shipping data on a DVD through the mail. We know you are connected to us through this blog post. Do you email us or still call? (We love both!) Now, we are progressing toward the goal of having answers for you before you even ask the questions. A key component to achieve that goal is the DNV Customer Portal.

Let’s take a journey on the DNV Customer Portal, a wealth of knowledge and information at your fingertips. The site is available to any DNV software user whose company maintains active maintenance and support.

DNV Customer Portal

Knowledge articles that answer questions before you ask them

I would venture to say that most of you use the Customer Portal only for downloading software releases… the best alternative to waiting for that DVD shipment! But if that is all you think the Customer Portal is for, well, you are missing out on the best parts! Since its launch in early 2020, we have added more than 100 knowledge articles to the Customer Portal. These are the start to that goal of answering your questions before you even know you have them. The articles span all of the DNV Pipeline products and go into a wide array of details. Some are simple questions and answers about installs or licensing; others go into great technical detail and include a video.

Videos – from getting started with basics to learning advanced topics

Did you know we have dozens of ‘get started’ videos, walking through some of the basic product functionality? These are great for that new hire or summer intern. The Customer Portal has so much content, the only problem is finding the time to delve into it all!

In the last few weeks, we also posted articles that link to all the DNV staff’s recorded content from the 2020 virtual user group meeting. There are well over 50 presentations now available for viewing on a variety of topics ranging from Interfacing Trainer with SCADA to Modeling Renewable Gas & Hydrogen. Are you curious to know how Synergi Water handles surge modeling or demand forecasting? We have videos for that too!

Customer Portal search functions find answers and connect you to support

The search bar on the front page works well, but you can also dive in through the “Pipeline” image on the front page, then choose your “Product” along the top. The videos I mentioned are categorized under “Presentations.” General questions and answers or other topics are under the “Knowledge Article” group at the top.

Let’s say you dive in, search, but still don’t find your answer. Don’t leave the Customer Portal yet! Go back to the Home page and choose the Contact Support button. In the Subject field, start typing your question or keywords. Watch the articles on the right-side change as you type. Try different combinations of your keywords and see what comes up. Maybe, hopefully, you’ll find the answer you are looking for and then some! And, if not, finish filling out the form and submit. The case comes directly into our Customer Management System and we’ll assign a support engineer straight away.

So, to summarize:

  • The DNV Customer Portal has many uses beyond just downloading software.
  • There are a ton of answers to questions you haven’t even asked yet.
  • Videos, videos, videos – of the helpful for your work variety!
  • You can also submit or view previously submitted support cases on the Customer Portal.

DNV is committed to customer success. To find out more about the DNV Customer Portal or for any other technical support questions, please reach out to us at software.support@dnv.com.

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Avatar Shayur Maharaj says:

I am not an expert on the subject but this is very insightful. Thanks for sharing this piece.

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