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Phast Web Services: Google Sheets Integration

A previous post outlined how Phast Web Services (PWS) could be integrated with the desktop version of Excel using macros and VBA.  Integrating with Excel Online is not currently possible (July 2020) as macros and VBA are not supported in this version.

Enter Google Sheets. This offers support for scripting using the Google Apps Script (with JavaScript), thus facilitating a full cloud native integration – a “Google Sheet” hosted in the cloud integrated with “Phast Web Services” (also hosted in the cloud).

The example below shows this. This uses a combination of Phast Web Services models (Discharge, Dispersion, Results Postprocessing) to calculate flammable cloud parameters with just a definition of material, pressure, temperature and hole size (other inputs such as weather etc. can be varied but are defaulted in this simple example).

Example of PWS Integrated into Google Sheets for consequence analysis


This very simple example highlights the range of possibilities with Phast Web Services. It could be integrated into various applications (desktop or cloud) and used as the calculation engine to support diverse consequence calculations needs.


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