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Digitalization and software solutions


Winning with Data

We live in a data world.

Our personal and professional lives rely on data, lots of it, every day, to make decisions and to be honest, make life a little more interesting.
If you’ve ever played fantasy football or if you competed in fantasy playoffs this past week, you probably know a lot about data analytics. The business of fantasy football stats is incredibly vast. Every possible stat for every player is tracked. There are stats based on matchups too. There are stats based on not just performance versus defenses, but down to the individual match ups of corner back vs. wide receiver. It goes way deeper too, there stats on how players perform in an indoor stadium vs outdoor or grass versus artificial turf, it’s all there. The challenge with all this data is the visualization and sifting through all the data that may not be relevant to your situation.

Our utility customers face these same challenges dealing with asset performance data and managing the risk and reliability of the power grid. For many years, clients have relied on the maintenance algorithms in Cascade to make asset maintenance decisions on transmission and distribution assets. If we are completely honest, the visualization capabilities in Cascade left a lot to be desired.
Cascade Insight is our new, web based data visualization tool for your Cascade environment to better facilitate an asset performance management process. In Cascade Insight you can answer questions like:

Where are my high-risk assets?

Do I have any open maintenance orders in this operating district?

Are there any active alerts?

Which assets cost more to maintain?


Fig. 1 Insight Dashboard

Answers to these important questions are front and center, on 14 pre-configured dashboards that allow you to get right to the data to run your business.

Whether you are trying to win a fantasy football championship or keep the lights on, having the right data at the right time is critical to your success. Either way, DNV GL is here to help, just don’t expect a fantasy trophy just yet, we haven’t figured that one out yet!

If you are interested in a web demo of Cascade Insight, leave us a note in the comments below.

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