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Synergi Gas 4.9 – new release!

It’s a big day around here, and we hope that means it’s a big day for you, dear gas planning engineer or pipeline operator…  A new release of our Synergi Gas product is now available!

We truly have our customers to thank for their continuous input into our software development process.  Many exciting new features and capabilities are based on feedback from our Synergi Gas user community.  We would like to thank you for providing us with your valuable contributions and ideas.

Synergi Gas is core to DNV GL’s digital asset ecosystem, and this new version continues to provide the results you need to make crucial design, planning and operating decisions. It contains improvements and advanced functionality that further enables you to operate your gas networks safely and efficiently.

What’s new in Synergi Gas 4.9?

When a product’s Release Notes are over 60 pages long, any summary will leave things out.  So please do check out the full details!  That said, here are some items we are most proud of, and that we hope you find to be valuable:

Liquids Steady State (LSS) Module: LSS is a brand-new module that allows you to model different types of fluids – gas, water, and hydrocarbon liquid – in the same Synergi Gas model.  So, let me say that again…  If you are modeling a system that contains wet gas, injected liquid, etc., Synergi Gas can now handle it all in one model.  When used with the Multiphase Module, you can even combine these three fluid types together in the same pipelines.

If you work in the gas gathering space, and have struggled to find a tool that supports all your needs, you may want to take a look at Synergi Gas 4.9.

Multiphase Module (MPM): The 4.9 release contains some major new developments for the Multiphase Module.  Thanks to your feedback, we have expanded the Multiphase Module’s capabilities in many ways.  This includes supporting three-phase flow in multiphase models, defining Cn+ properties in a gas stream, modeling liquid routing, plugged pipes, and gravitational dampening.

(Multiphase sounds interesting, but not sure if it’s for you?  Check out this post about Multiphase Flow!)

Customer Management Module (CMM): We recognize that the hydraulics truly have great value when paired with your customer data!  CMM now allows you to purge a range of meter read data, define no-load pipes, create multiple load factor archiving sets, and apply design degree days by weather zone.

Much, much more!

This is just a small sample of new features.  Many other improvements have been made, in the areas of charting, model calibration, compressor modeling, and much more. (If I go on further, it may sound like I’m bragging!)  As mentioned, you can check out the Synergi Gas 4.9.0 Release Notes for a complete list of new functionality and software fixes.

Looking for more information about Synergi Gas 4.9?

Synergi Gas 4.9 is available for download from the DNV GL Customer Portal. Don’t have access to the Portal?  Please contact our Software Support team; they love to hear from our customers.  (Really!)

Finally, to keep up what we will be providing you next, there are many ways to do this.  Visit our website to read more about our solutions and watch on demand webinars, or follow us on social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  And don’t forget to subscribe to our Software blog right here!