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Pipeline simulation – partner with a leader

DNV GL - Pipeline Simulation leaders

Some of the DNV GL attendees at PSIG: Mark Walsh, Andrew Daniels, Jim Short

The list of global pipeline simulation leaders is a short one.  But each year, this exclusive group, members of the Pipeline Simulation Interest Group, assembles to share advancements in this field.  And DNV GL has been at the forefront of this field for decades.

PSIG is a global organization dedicated to the furthering of pipeline simulation research and techniques.  They hold their annual PSIG Conference – also known as ‘Woodstock for pipeline engineers’* – where experts in the field share new developments and theories, and show the results of their work through case studies.

All the movers and shakers in the industry were there – held this year in Atlanta – and DNV GL featured prominently at this event!

DNV GL - Pipeline simulation leaders

Corey Rice at PSIG, presenting some of DNV GL’s latest pipeline simulation offerings

Our own Corey Rice co-authored a paper on computing gas losses from damaged pipelines, using analytical discharge equations.  The full contents can be found on the DNV GL – Software web site.

Additionally, Dr. Richard Carter of DNV GL co-authored with Los Alamos National Labs, on using transient flow models to do economic optimization on intra-day gas pipeline flow schedules.  What’s that, you say?  Simply put, gas and electric networks are interdependent, and they presented a method of optimizing both networks simultaneously.  Now that is some cutting-edge stuff!

Beyond these direct contributions to the conference, we were proud to see so many of our customers presenting there as well.  And nearly half of the PSIG presentations featured results from our Synergi Pipeline Simulator or Synergi Gas products.

DNV GL - pipeline simulation leaders

Presenting the Don Schroeder Scholarship at PSIG

And indeed our proudest moment at the event was PSIG’s award of their Don Schroeder Scholarship.  Don was one of the founding members of PSIG, and a pioneer in the area of pipeline simulation, who spent 34 years of his career in the company we now call DNV GL.  This year’s award went to David Roullier, a graduate student at the University of Tulsa.  He will use this award to continue his research into modeling multiphase slug flow.

So if you are going to work at the cutting edge of pipeline simulation, you should work with the industry leaders.  We are proud to have a decades-long affiliation with PSIG, and it demonstrates our commitment to be pipeline simulation leaders!

See you at PSIG 2018, in Deer Valley, Utah, USA!

*  OK, so I made up the part about PSIG being called ‘Woodstock for pipeline engineers’, but they should call it that!

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