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Pipeline network analysis – are you doing all you should?

Being a planner or operator for a pipeline network – either distribution or transmission – is challenging work.  If you are not analyzing all possible scenarios in your pipeline network analysis, you may be putting your network (and yourself) at risk!

Even the most experienced engineer can only manually test out a limited number of network scenarios.  What combinations are being left untested?  Because of the risk this creates, engineers need a tool to help them accomplish their goals.

We have been hard at work developing a powerful tool to complement our Synergi Gas network simulation capabilities.  The Synergi Gas – Parametric Study tool, the web based, cloud enabled solution to accelerate your network analysis, is soon available!  And the Parametric Study webinar is now available for your viewing.

Synergi Parametric Study ToolLearn about the power of the Synergi Parametric Study tool.  The webinar recording is now available for your review!  Additionally, the presentation slides and the Q&A from the webinar are also accessible.

See the Synergi Gas – Parametric Study tool in action – accelerate your pipeline network analysis!

The Parametric Study webinar includes a live demo of the web-based application.  It shows the creation and execution of studies from start to finish.  We start with a simple 5 case study, and then work up to the creation of a study with thousands of cases.  So see for yourself how simple it is to upload a network model, and be running studies in minutes!

Parametric Study webinar - Mihaela Negura

Parametric Study webinar - Paul CuttingOur own Paul Cutting and Mihaela Negura are your hosts on this webinar.  Mihaela is the Head of Section for Synergi Gas & Synergi Water Product Development, and Paul is Principal Software Engineer for the Parametric Study tool.

And if you’re asking ‘What exactly *is* a parametric study?’, not to worry – we answer that question here!

In summary, there is not enough time in the day to manually run every possible pipeline network analysis scenario.  With the Synergi Parametric Study tool, you can execute thousands of scenarios in a fraction of the time!  So learn how these tools from DNV GL can relieve some of the pressure on you as a pipeline network modeler.

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