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The Chinese gas market– ready to help!


The natural gas industry in China is strong and growing; gas usage is increasing, gas networks are rapidly expanding, and operators are working feverishly to meet the demand. It is this reason why I joined many of my colleagues in China (and from around the globe) recently for a visit to Shanghai, Suzhou and Wuxi:

Remi Eriksen, CEO of DNV GL, opening the new Shanghai office

DNV GL has actually had a presence in China since 1888! Surveyors stationed in China provided services to ships trading between China and Europe, and our relationship in China has blossomed ever since.  Our business in China now includes capabilities in Oil & Gas advisory services, Energy advisory, Maritime capabilities, and Software development and support.

And most recently, DNV GL opened its ‘Near-Zero Emissions’ office in Shanghai, further signifying our commitment to the region. It was attended by several senior leaders, and senior government representatives from both countries, including the Prime Minister of Norway.

Andy Cummings presenting at the Smart Gas Network Conference

DNV GL had a great presence at the recent Smart Gas Network Management Conference, in Suzhou, China. Presenting as President of the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers (IGEM),  DNV GL’s Andy Cummings presented his views on Gas as the bridge to a low-carbon future.  Then Sarah Kimpton, Senior Consultant in Oil & Gas, presented DNV GL’s involvement in a fascinating UK Innovation Project for Scotia Gas Networks (SGN), called Real-Time Networks.  Finally I presented on the benefits of Network Modeling for more intelligent pipelines.

Chinese gas market facts

The current state of the Chinese gas market is quite fascinating! Some interesting facts presented at this conference:

  • There is a national goal to make natural gas China’s primary source of energy, quickly moving from coal
  • Many Chinese cities have gone from virtually no gas service, to thousands of miles/km of pipelines in less than 20 years
  • Regulations and government directives are starting to come into play, looking to Europe and America for safety standards
  • There is a heavy use of social media in communication with customers – WeChat is the primary communication tool

Towngas – Suzhou, China

So much of where the natural gas market China is today is reminiscent of the US and European market in the recent past. And that means our 40+ years of pipeline experience can be of great value to the Chinese gas market!

We have a solid team in China and the rest of Asia, ready to support the needs of the market.  Our Synergi Gas product is offered in Chinese, and provides all the capabilities that our current customers enjoy.  And pipeline operators throughout China are utilizing the capabilities of Synergi Pipeline Simulator to operate and monitor critical transmission pipelines.

Our sales manager in China, Xiaonan (Luna) Luan ( 栾晓楠 ) was a great host while I visited, but she is even better when it comes to addressing the needs of the Chinese gas market.  So if this post sounds like your company’s challenges in China, then talk to Luna!

Finally on a lighter note, after learning about WeChat, the prevailing social media platform in China, I now have a WeChat account – feel free to connect with me!

Thank you! 谢谢  (Xiè Xiè)

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