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PSIG 2017 – learn the latest in pipeline simulation

PSIGDNV GL is committed to furthering the research in the area of pipeline simulation, for the benefit of the industry, and society as a whole.  Therefore, we have worked for many years with the Pipeline Simulation Interest Group (PSIG) toward this goal.

PSIG was founded to promote the advancement of pipeline modeling.  In their own words (at www.psig.org):

Its purpose is to facilitate the interchange of information and to advance the state of the art in modeling, simulation, optimization, steady-state and transient flows, single and multiphase flows, and related subjects as applied to fluid pipeline systems.

Each year, PSIG holds a conference that attracts authors and attendees from around the world.  Participants range from:

  • engineers charged with modeling gas and liquid pipeline,
  • to academics innovating in the field of pipeline engineering,
  • to solution providers developing modeling tools.

DNV GL at the PSIG Conference in Atlanta

So consider joining us at this year’s PSIG conference!  While you’re here, you will learn about the latest advancements in modeling gas and liquid pipelines. Topics covered include surge analysis, compression, leak detection, load forecasting, and a vendor showcase.

During the conference, papers cover a range of topics related to hydraulic modeling, pipeline simulation, flow assurance, leak detection, load forecasting and optimization.  You will hear about the latest advancements, and network with like-minded colleagues.  Finally, you will learn practical approaches to solving pipeline modeling problems.

A noteworthy point: two DNV GL team members are co-authoring papers this year:

  • Corey Rice will co-present a paper on computing natural gas losses from damaged pipelines.
  • A collaborative group of scientists from Los Alamos National Labs, Newton Energy Group, Boston University and Dr. Richard Carter will deliver a paper on the economic optimization of pipeline flow schedules.

So if pipeline simulation and optimization is your ‘jam’, then you will want to be in Atlanta this spring!

  • Where: Atlanta, Georgia USA
  • When: May 9 – 12, 2017
  • Details: click here

Many thanks to Andrew Daniels, Head of Section for our Analytics Advancement; both for contributing to this post, and for his support of PSIG as a member of the board of directors!

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