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Greetings from the North Pole!

Our colleague Tom Gilmour, head of Product Strategy for DNV GL – Software, recently received this letter from a satisfied customer, and we thought you would like to see it.  Enjoy!

Hi! Santa here; just wanted to give an update on how the transformation to a digital future is progressing in my business thanks to the help of DNV GL – Software, and their assistance in helping us achieve digital excellence in our operations.

Firstly, thank you for all your tweets and Facebook posts with what you would like for Christmas, it works much better for me because it can be difficult to get all the mail when we have so much snow here, and it’s also much better for the environment. The paper cuts from envelopes and notepaper were a major occupational hazard for myself, my good wife Mrs. Claus and the elves, in fact it has for many years been the highest incident type entered in our Synergi Life health and safety management system, which we access as a software service from the nice people at DNV GL – Software. I also avidly follow your ideas and thoughts on LinkedIn, it is so helpful to us in our planning and getting advance insight to what we need to produce in the toy factory.

Naturally, our operations are cloud enabled, and have been for years to assist in my unusual and demanding travel schedule. I am particularly pleased with the data analytics on Microsoft Azure, it helps give me insight to the toy production processes and efficiency of the elves, since implementing it we can now produce 50% more toys with the same number of elves and we can give them an extra day off in addition to the other rest day on Christmas Day. The machine learning has been a big (almost as big as my belly) benefit to us for predictive analytics and analyzing the images in your Pinterest pins to identify types of toys, and to understand what you are interested in and to understand trends in toys and toy technology.

The Internet of Things (IoT), or at least the version of IoT that we find most useful, the Internet of Toys, is showing some promise. Some recent innovations include the latest versions of the Tiny Tears dolls which can send a message to a kid’s junior tablet when they are crying. Another innovation in IoT that has been widely acclaimed by kids and parents alike is the automated messaging from some battery powered toys which send a message to a parent’s smartphone when the batteries are running out. This has had a major role in improving quality of life and reducing stress levels for all involved.

The more industrial version of IoT has also been most helpful to our operations.  For example, I recently had my sleigh retrofitted with advanced sensor technologies. The most important ones are those that can detect when the sled’s runners may be suffering from metal fatigue, which can lead to catastrophic failure and are clearly a primary safety critical elements of our operation. I am also most impressed by the new reindeer harness straps which are made of a new smart material with embedded sensors that detect stress or early signs of fraying. In both these cases I can get messages to my smartphone, and have the details from them relayed in real time to the cloud-based Claus Logistics and Asset User System (CLAUS) hosted on Azure, The condition can then be assessed using the automated advanced engineering and data analytics tools, which are a part of the Reindeer Sleigh Digital Asset Ecosystem provided by DNV GL – Software.

The new Sesam Sleigh software (from…. you guessed it…) has proved most useful in assessing the high strains on the sleigh structure from intense use and extreme environment changes over the prime 24 hours’ usage period. The new sleigh undercarriage is connected to the Weather Channel and to Accuweather so that when I am travelling on Christmas Eve and the wee small hours of Christmas morning, it can use this information along with the onboard sensors to automatically adapt the sleigh to use runners, wheels or a specially developed trimaran hull depending upon the conditions.

The hull of course is certified DNV GL class, and supported by SleighManager Hull. Previously this adjustment had to be done manually inflight which was both time consuming and dangerous (second in the list of incident cases in Synergi Life – which is also from the good people at DNV GL). This alone saves enormous time during my rounds, and has allowed me to improve customer service by laying out the gifts more creatively around the tree instead of jump dumping them out of my sack and speeding on to the next house. This was well received last year, as indicated in the vastly improved, “quality of gift layout” category in the customer satisfaction survey.

Talking about those folks at DNV GL – Software, we are also delighted with the custom solution, Safeti Rooftop, which they have integrated into CLAUS. This is an excellent system using machine learning to identify rooftop type in real time and, using proprietary sensors from a partner company, determine snow depth and stability in advance of landing. Safeti Rooftop then uses this data to provide me with a probability of safe landing and to assess impact from snow slippage.

Most importantly we come to the digital innovations in reindeer management and safety. Amongst these is the smart nose augmentation specially developed for Rudolph. In addition to the natural safety feature of being red it has, thanks to sensor technology innovation, been possible to have a radar chip implanted in his nose (no harm done to any animals in this process) which helps greatly when we must cope with heavy fog or fly through a low cloud base. I believe that this will be especially important given the large increase in drones which we delivered last Christmas.

Thanks to the data analytics in CLAUS, we have it has been possible to assess the nutritional value and calorific profile of the food people leave out for Rudolph and his team. This information is then combined with route optimization to ensure an even fuel intake and efficient travel pattern. Mrs. Claus has been keen to use this same technology for my nutritional intake management….me not so much, I take it as it comes, but a quiet word…the celery sticks and low fat cheese are not my favorites!

A rarely known challenge for us has been the shipment of adequate amounts of Miruvor (like mead) and Grog, which the elves love to drink and which provides them with energy to work hard. We have had no option but to build a pipeline from the sole producer in Middle-Earth. This required special design as it has very challenging hydraulic properties due to the high honey content. Thanks to those good guys at DNV GL – Software and their efforts to develop Synergi Grog to optimize the hydraulic design we are delighted with the pipeline performance and with its continued support from the Grog module for Synergi Pipeline (seamlessly integrated with CLAUS) which has ensured an excellent record in reliability and safety, especially important as the pipeline passes through areas of great environmental sensitivity.

And of course, where would we be without a reliable energy supply to ensure we keep warm and to fuel the toy production facilities. Clean energy only of course for us! 100% of our needs is met by wind and snow-melt turbines supported by a configuration of the recent innovation combining Synergi Plant and Maros. We of course use customized versions of Cascade and Synergi Electric to plan and support the network that transports and distributes the energy to our facilities. Use of these tools has helped reduce our maintenance costs and ensure excellent reliability of the network.

So, as you can see, our digital transformation has come on a pace. Production this year has more efficient than ever and our safety record has improved dramatically. We are looking forward to reaping the benefits of the most recent innovations during the coming delivery period and the expected efficiencies in travel logistics and real time risk and safety capabilities.

Kind regards

Mr. S Claus – CEO, Santaland


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Avatar Tom Ginn says:

I wish I had seen this before Christmas! Very funny.

Tom Ginn
Synergi Water user for 18 years

Avatar johan stoltz says:

Excellent !

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