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Dynamic Results Dashboard for Visualizing QRA Results

At first sight, the image below looks like a picture…

It is anything but that.

It is a dynamic, interactive dashboard showing risk results (Potential Loss of Life or PLL for short) from a (Quantitative Risk Assessment) QRA study done using Safeti, the industry standard onshore QRA software solution from DNV GL. Other risk results are shown on subsequent pages. 

Go on – click, zoom/pan hover – do anything – just interact with it.

The exciting part is how various views of the same result are consolidated into one view. The dashboard basically shows the various drivers – Scenario, Weather, Population group, Wind direction and Hazard type – for a particular risk metric – in this case PLL.

Want to know the PLL contribution from fireball hazard? Just click on the fireball category on the “PLL by hazard type” chart in the lower right corner, the central box in the middle automatically updates and indicates the PLL from this hazard is 0.0045 per year. Also, notice how all the other views update accordingly. Really clever stuff.

To replicate this in the standard way in a report would need several charts to be included into a single document. This dashboard brilliantly consolidates all this into a single data view – making it much easier to visualize relationships and identify key relationships and insights. Better insights leads to better decisions 

Furthermore, it can published to websites, blogs etc. and viewed online and across multiple devices. And yes – that includes mobile phones. You can maintain a link to the data source and refresh it as needed.  Which means this ends up being a live results dashboard. 

Pretty neat and succinct.

The dashboard was made using Power BI – a data visualization solution from Microsoft. Read more about Power BI here

Let me know what you think! 



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Avatar Per Evensen says:

Nice! But when I pushed the information icon – (i) – it hangs.

Kehinde Shaba Kehinde Shaba says:

As an alternative, the sample results dashboard in the blog post can also be accessed via a webpage. Please click here to view.

Kehinde Shaba Kehinde Shaba says:

Oops. Its not clear why this would happen as it works ok in Internet Explorer or Chrome (tested on a number of pc’s). Can you confirm what browser you are using? Also – would it be possible to try an alternative browser (if you have one)? Let me know how it goes. It will be useful to get to the bottom of this.

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