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Digitalization: it doesn’t eliminate the need for smart people

Tormod Svensen

Tormod Svensen

The following reflections come to you from Tormod Svensen, who is the Director of Digital Transformation at DNV GL – Software.  He is leading the effort to turn the DNV GL 2020 Digitalization strategy into a reality, for the benefit of all our Software customers.   Thank you Tormod!

There are lots of people talking about digitalization these days.  So for us, a software company with a big industry domain component in our offerings, these are exciting times.  We truly believe that what is going on these days is a paradigm shift.

For a calculation-heavy company like ourselves, it is fascinating to observe what we get out of running a large calculation on what is essentially “infinite” computing power in the cloud.  That being said – there are many “experts” running around with all the buzz words in slides who want to “help” define your Industry 4.0 strategy for you.


We all have a lot to learn, but we must not forget what we already know. To put it a bit simply:

Our company translates technical challenges into formulas and functions, that we wrap into software.

All that domain knowledge required to make those formulas and functions are still extremely valuable – even if the data is big and the functions are fed by sensors.  Applying capabilities like machine learning is an opportunity for a company like ours, but it doesn’t remove the need for us to know stuff.

Big data does not replace good people

As already mentioned, sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) is definitely part of the picture as we move forward.  We will see more feeding of our calculations with sensor data as we progress.

A sensor can do (at least) 3 things.  It can:

  • provide the correct data,
  • it can provide no data, or
  • it can provide almost correct data.

When using our applications to make decisions that impact life, property or the environment, quality in the data is crucial, and smart engineers are needed to make sure of this.

We are excited about the future and confident that Industry 4.0 makes our value proposition even more relevant. So how will you apply your knowledge in a digital world?

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