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Synergi Water enables innovation for the city of Newport News

Synergi Water Distribution - Newport News The City of Newport News, in Virginia, USA, models its entire water distribution system with Synergi Water. By integrating their system to SCADA and customer billing data, the utility was able to develop online dashboards that provide a status of the system at any given point in time. The modeling dashboard is proven useful for identifying potential problems in the system, reducing customer complaints and improving customer service.

Like any good blog video, there is a Top 3 list of Synergi Water’s greatest benefits to Newport News Waterworks.  And while I don’t want to spoil the entire surprise, I was quite proud to hear that the first benefit cited was our customer support.  We have shared past stories about our Support team’s capabilities and our great Support staff here, and I am again pleased to point out that we distinguish ourselves from the rest of the market with the level and quality of support that we provide to our customers.

Check out this video that provides more detail, and shows some of the ways that Newport News Waterworks is using Synergi Water serve their over 400,000 customers.

Many thanks to Chris Basford, Senior Engineer at Newport News Waterworks, for taking the time to share his experiences with Synergi Water!

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