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Does the Panhandle Equation give ‘better’ answers than the Fundamental equation?

This post comes to us from Corey Rice, our primary Support Engineer for our Synergi Gas product.  If you contact us via DNV GL Software Support with a question about Synergi Gas, it’s likely that Corey will be helping to answer your question.  Take it away, Corey!

Corey Rice

Corey Rice

I decided to write a document about the Panhandle equation versus the Fundamental equation in the fall, after yet another conversation with a client on the topic.  Yes, the fall.

Of 2014.

I doubt that those of you familiar with me in the slightest are surprised that the completion of said document was not achieved until the end of January 2016.  I had a vision of what I wanted this document to be, and stubbornly held out until I was able to realize it.  So actually, I should thank all of you users, because without so many of you taking vacation the week of New Year’s Day (January 1), I never would have had the time to get this done.

(You can find our answer to this question in the whitepaper on this topic.  Sorry, no spoilers here, you will have to read it for yourself!)

Synergi Gas - Panhandle vs FundamentalThanks to Alex Hollis, Senior Principal Product Engineer of Synergi Gas, for the feedback that made this document even better, and thanks to all the folks on our team who do such high quality work, and who motivate me to keep up and do the same.

Back to you, user.  Peruse the document, leave a comment.  Was it a good read?  Was it helpful?  Did any of it get ingrained in your brain like a Peyton Manning commercial? (“Fun-da-men-tal is the best!” – those of you the US will understand the joke…)  Do you want more of the same?

If you answered yes to three out of the five questions, is there a topic you’d like me to tackle next?  Let me know in the comments.  But make it fast, because June 2017 will be here before you know it!

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