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What are we working on with Los Alamos National Labs?

This post comes to you from Andrew Daniels, the head of Analytics Advancement for DNV GL’s Simulation and Optimization products.  Thanks Andrew!

As a board member of the Pipeline Simulation Interest Group (PSIG), I would like to encourage you to attend this year’s PSIG conference from May 10 through 13, in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC Canada. While the entire conference will be interesting, there are two tracks offered this year which are particularly relevant for Synergi Gas software users: the Power Systems Symposium and the Distribution Systems Symposium.

PipelineThe Power Systems Symposium will present papers addressing topics associated with the interrelationships between modeling electric and gas systems. Given the low prices for natural gas in the US, natural gas is now used extensively for generating electric power. How can we accurately predict daily gas demands given the large dependence that electric power generation has on natural gas?

Gas demand for electric generation plants depends on the electric demand and on factors related to wind-farm or solar generation connected to the grid. These papers discuss aspects related to a closer coordination between gas and electric companies. Two of the papers within this symposium are joint efforts between Los Alamos National Labs and DNV GL scientists and engineers.

psig-logoThe Distribution Systems Symposium will showcase a series of papers based on a novel approach to modeling natural gas systems developed by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) to help handle an enormous increase in engineering workload within their company. PG&E did a brilliant job implementing a batch analysis tool on top of the Synergi Gas core engine.  This tool makes it simple to automatically perform multiple analyses over a range of parameter values. PG&E will demonstrate the power of performing a series of simulations to gain in-depth insight into how to operate their system.

For more details on the May 10-13 PSIG conference please visit our DNV GL Events page, or PSIG’s website at www.psig.org. I hope to see you in Vancouver!

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