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DNV GL Survey Simulator r2.5

Today’s blog post will cover the latest news in the Sesam Survey Simulator and is written by my colleague Pawel Morawski in the Gdynia-office.

Currently our developers are working hard to finish the new release of the award-winning Survey Simulator. The new version labeled with number 2.5 will aim to further improve experience brought to your laptop by merging knowledge from thousands of surveys and innovative software. Soon you will have an occasion to see for yourself if we managed to succeed.

So what can you expect?

First of all we are working very hard to include many more courses than we had so far. In version 2.4, totally 6 course modules were available. In the forthcoming version this number will change to around 20. Of course we are not focusing on numbers but on quality so you can expect new materials and references to give you more insight on complications you can expect during real surveys.

Course modules

Courses will benefit not only from growth of content but also from new features.
We are very proud of introducing a feature which is crucial to fulfilling our Survey Simulator vision. This feature is the random generator for findings. From now on trainees will be able to repeat the exam survey exercise many times, benefiting of the entire knowledge built into the Simulator.


Meanwhile our graphical team is working to prepare new scenes for the release. This time you can expect an interior of tanker’s superstructure. Of course it will give you not only a possibility to get familiar with such an environment but we also prepared the most popular deficiencies, mainly related to fire safety issues. For now we are not planning to give access to all rooms but instead we have selected the most representative ones like ordinary crew room or kitchen.


pic_3_A pic_3_B pic_3_C

Along with the next release we are introducing dynamic lighting to all ship’s deck scenes. Right now the main visual results of this upgrade are moving shadows for animated objects. However, in future it will be easier to introduce weather conditions or night time surveys. Perhaps at first you might not find the results breathtaking but the implemented mechanisms are a base for making some really cool features in upcoming releases.


As you probably guess the things mentioned above are not the only improvements we are preparing for you. Our developers and the rest of our team are improving already existing solutions and features getting them free of bugs and optimizing them. Here in the DNV GL office in Gdynia where the work takes place we are very enthusiastic about the Survey Simulator r2.5 and we hope that after reading this you will also enthusiastically look forward to start using the coming release.

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