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Fleet Performance Management

What is new in TMSA 3 on Energy Efficiency and Environmental

In April 2017 Tanker Management Self Assessment version 3 (TMSA 3) was published and became mandatory on 1st January 2018. (have a look at www.ocimf.org/sire/about-tmsa.aspx). There has been quite some changes to version 2, which was introduced in 2008:

  • 25 KPIs have been moved from a higher to a lower level (4 to 3, 3 to 2 etc.)
  • 85 new KPIs were introduced
  • There are 266 KPIs in TMSA3 (19 more KPIs than TMSA2)
  •  A new element, Maritime Security was introduced

What has changed on the Environmental and Energy part? The Environmental Section (Chapter 10) has been merged with Annex E on Energy Efficiency into a combined Environmental and Energy Management Chapter 10.

The logic and the basic content has remained the same:

  • Level 1: Planning and knowing
  • Level 2: Measuring and optimizing
  • Level 3: Target setting and follow up
  • Level 4: Innovating and external benchmarking

While for Level 1 a paper excercise will do, Level 2 and 3 require a proper Performance Management system like our ECO Insight solution. It not only allows you to record and monitor fuel consumption, speed, weather, condition, or trim (10.2.1), it also helps you to establish baselines, monitor hull or engine & systems conditions (10.2.2). On top you can optimise vessel energy efficiency with ECO Insight, like trim, speed, Aux. engine and boiler usage, hull & propeller cleaning (10.2.3). Also comprehensive support is provided to manage fuel onboard (10.2.4). For Level 3 ECO Insight allows to set specific emission reduction targets and their follow up (10.3.2). To achieve Level 4 ECO Insight gives you our famous industry benchmark on consumption, emissions to air and speed (10.4.3).

If your company was already compliant to Annex E in TMSA 2 you will have no issues with new TMSA 3, this is good news!

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