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Fleet Performance Management

Fleet Performance Management

Our industry partnerships – what is in for you?

The world is getting digital and transformed, so does the way companies look at each other and work together. What was clearly either a supplier, customer or competitor 10 years ago, gets more and more blurry nowadays. To add superior value to customers broad collaboration and partnerships also with competitors are needed.
DNV GL’s Vessel and Fleet Performance Solution ECO Insight follows a dedicated partner strategy which has definitely helped us to become shippings no.1 performance solution to date. We never worried to work together with (potential) competitors as long as it added value to our customers. In this blog we would like to explain how you can use our broad partner network to your advantage. Please find an overview about all our partners at https://performance.dnvgl.com . The list is growing at high speed and there are always new partners in the making, so check with us, if you have partners in mind.

Onboard data collection partners:

Autologging: CMT (Germany), HiJoy (China), Kral (Switzerland), Kyma (Norway), MAC (Germany), Prisma (Greece), VAF (Netherlands), Veinland (Germany),
Manual reporting: Danaos (Greece), Orion NAU (India), Veson (USA), Vertex (India) and several shipping Company inhouse systems

Many of our partners collect data onboard ships, be it manual or via sensors (autologging). As we want to reduce reduce reporting effort of crew we always prefer to take data from what is available, (given a certain minimum quality and scope) and do not add our own reporting solution onboard. So these partner very often substitute our own vessel reporting system Navigator Insight. We provide a standard interface description to push data into ECO Insight from the different onboard system partners. So two opportunities open up for you:

  • If you have an onboard system already, we can very likely use the data for fleet performance
  • If you like to invest into an autologging solution, either for some vessels or the whole fleet, we can process these data (and give fuel saving advise or make you IMO-DCS compliant)

Engine Analytics Partners:

ABB Tekomar (Switzerland), WinGD (Switzerland)

These partners also collect data onboard, focusing on engine parameters like SFOC, Pmax, Pcomb, TC Speed etc. In addition they also provide engine analytics results – what you can do to improve engine Performance. That is why they reserve a separate Partner category. With more new engines getting “online” an increasing fleet will provide engine data directly into ECO Insight, without manual logging of the data. So if you have newer vessels with WinGD engines or use Tekomar engine Analytics you can directly connect to ECO Insight.

Weather Routing Partners:

Stormgeo (Norway, US), WNI (Japan)

Weather Routing companies need for their service a daily position report (noon report) and typically ask the crew to provide these data into their own onboard system. If the vessel has Navigator Insight onboard these report can be directly sent from Navigator Insight to the weather routing partner and again avoid double reporting. If you use a weather routing Company, lets set up this connection and avoid a daily double reporting. Some customers use the weather routing onboard system also for continuous voyage reporting. Here these data can be directly fed into ECO Insight to provide performance assessments and analytics. The weather routing partner is then an onboard data collection partner.

Coating Partners:

Hempel (Denmark), Jotun (Norway), PPG (Greece)

Hull Degradation is the second biggest performance lever for vessels after speed. To compute the degree of hull degradation is however quite complex. Hull coating providers have a great interest into measuring the Performance of their coatings over a dry dock period. Together we improve methods and algorithms for hull degradation assessment and DNV GL provides 3rd party independent assessment of coating performance to shipping companies. The more expensive (and assuming better) the coating becomes the more relevant it is to look at its actual performance. Let us have a look into your hull performance comparing different coating qualities and providers.

Industry data partners:

NOAA (Weather, US), HYCOM (Currents, US), Vesseltracker (AIS, Germany), Viswalab (fuel quality, US)

Industry data partners provide us with outside in data that is not directly collected on vessels. They give independent information relevant for vessel performance, like satellite weather, global & tidal currents, vessel positions, distance and speed and fuel quality from lab tests. These information are directly fed into ECO Insight and overlay reported data or allow additional analytics or data quality checks. You will see them throughout ECO Insight.

Environmental compliance partners:

Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG), Clean Shipping Index (CSI), Environmental Ship Index (ESI)

Next to the rather new mandatory environmental Standards EU-MRV and IMO-DCS there are non-governmental standards in the industry that are widely in use. We have direct contact to these Groups ensuring that our data and calculation always meet the requirements of these standards. In Addition we offer automated reporting according to these standards. The widest in use is ESI, which is quite attractive as it reduces the port fees in many European ports. Here DNV GL ECO Insight is also an incentive provider.

Our customers set the requirements for industry partnerships. Please use the opportunity and connect the dots together for more insights into your vessel performance!

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