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Fleet Performance Management

Fleet Performance Management

How to waste 12,000 USD on boiler consumption

A container vessel was identified with extensive boiler consumption at sea. Learn from this case, how to evaluate for your own fleet using a fleet performance management solution. Read what were the reasons behind and how to avoid.

Best practice: Under normal circumstances there shouldn’t be any fuel oil consumption for the auxiliary boiler on a container vessel whilst sailing with a certain speed (or to be more specific; with a certain main engine load).

Case: A container vessel trading regular between North Europe and the Gulf of Mexico assessed after Q1 2017. It was observed, that the vessel was reporting boiler consumption at sea regularly and even on the long Atlantic passage. For the check in ECO Insight following filters have been applied: Operational mode: sailing; Consumer: boiler; Speed: from 12 kn; Wind: to 5 Bft.

Boiler Consumption over timeline

Extract ECO Insight showing the boiler consumption over timeline

The above extract shows that the boiler consumption is not reduced to a limited timeframe but outlines a persistent phaenomen throughout the assessment period.

Boiler Consumption on map

Extract ECO Insight showing the boiler consumption plotted on a map, the intensity of blue color correlates with the reported boiler consumption

The map view further enphasizes that the boiler is operated without interruption.

Boiler consumption over speed

Extract ECO Insight showing the boiler consumption plotted in reference to the reported speed

The above furthermore shows, that even at high speed (equals to highe load of main engine) boiler was continously operated and fuel consumed.

Reasons: Mutual investigations in cases like that with our clients revealed an increased need of steam to heat up cold heavy fuel oil which had been bunkered recently. Another possible reason is a lack of maintenance (let’s call it cleaning) of exhaust gas system. This leaves the impression that it is avoidable.

Actions: Have a look at your own fleet and assess whether boiler consumption is reported while vessel is sailing. As a hint, use the ranking widget in ECO Insight as an indicator which vessels to have a further look at. Filter settings (as described) can be saved for example as “boiler at sea” for regular checks.

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