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Fleet Performance Management

Fleet Performance Management

How much can be saved in vessel performance projects – real case studies

Implementing a vessel performance solution across the fleet should bring down your consumptions in fuels and lubes, as well as ensuring compliance with your charter parties and the increasing environmental regulations. That is the promise made. Is this true? Can we really improve vessel performance just with data and monitoring?

We have completed 130+ fleet performance projects covering > 1.900 vessels of all types and sizes in all key shipping locations across the globe using our ECO Insight solution. Lets have a look at some recent results, which have been really achieved:



We compare here consumptions between a baseline period before we started performance monitoring compared to a results period in 2018. All data are captured and computed in the same manner with our ECO Insight solution. All average speeds, draft and weather conditions have remained stable in those two periods, unless otherwise noticed.

The savings are always fleet savings, meaning that in a 25 vessel tanker fleet we achieved 13% less FOC per day on average on all vessels, so we talk about 9 MT / day x 25 vessels daily savings here (amounting to 90.000 USD daily!) and in all other cases in the respective magnitude. This is quite significant and can be acchived within a relative short time frame and the selection of strong performance management measures, such as better speed management, optimal aux.engine and boiler usage or re-adjusted feed rates for the lubricators.

One should not forget that many saving levers oppose long standing nautical and technical traditions, so the monitoring needs to be accompanied by a lot of communication and explanation. That is why we have two dedicated fleet performance Centers in Hamburg and Singapore to help our customers both in office and onboard to achieve these savings on a daily basis.

Can we really improve vessel performance just with data and monitoring? Yes we can and its not difficult to get there.

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