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Fleet Performance Management

Fleet Performance Management

Fleet Performance Management

Happy Birthday Performance Center!

Two years ago started with the pilot phase for the Fleet Performance Center at DNV GL. The starting point was: How can we support our ECO Insight users in their daily work? How can we share the investment into a professional monitoring set up among our customer community?

Today the Fleet Performance Team is a multinational team with two successful Performance Centers located in Hamburg and Singapore. They provide continuous vessel monitoring and help customers keeping an overview of the key action items in the fleet. This is done via three service blocks:

1) The alert service checks the ships performance and reporting quality on a daily basis and informs crew and office to take the required actions. Thresholds can be ship specific and complex in order to find the performance gaps. Each user gets alerts for ships to take care of.

2) The report service shows the fleet performance on a monthly or quarterly basis, verifies if selected measures have been fruitful and derives actions to be taken.

3) Ad hoc investigations offer individual performance support or consultancy, helps to defend a claims case or looks into an unexpected over consumption.

In 2016 the Performance Center started with four customers which have been very much involved in the development process and earned the benefits very early.

Today, two years later, the team supports 40 companies with more than 1.000 vessels. This is nearly half of today’s ECO Insight fleet. Each of our ECO Insight customers has the opportunity to trial the service after implementation of ECO Insight. With the advantage that we safeguard proper reporting and initial definition of performance levers. Many customers decide to continue with the service that suits best at the end of the trial phase.

The daily alert service as the core of the Performance Center controls the main performance drivers that can be acted upon daily such as speed, consumption, trim, cylinder oil, auxiliary engine utilization, boiler usage, compliance of charter party agreements, sludge generation, disposals and many other KPI’s. In addition we monitor the data quality in the reported events to safeguard the good basis for any evaluation. This includes the validity of data for EU MRV and soon IMO DCS compliance. The advantage of the daily check is that any lack of performance can be stopped immediately instead of delaying inefficiency over days, weeks or months (like in a post voyage Analysis). As many alerts are addressed directly to the ship’s crew the training effect is immediate as well.

Our Monthly Performance Report is under review and a new version which calculates the performance potential and shows the lost fuel in tons will be available in 2019. Performance potential will give a single combined KPI on vessel Performance. We are looking forward to show this soon to our customers.

Performance Management works: Below is one example of a fleet using our full Performance Management scope. This is the proof that our Performance Centers can make a valuable difference!

The shown savings are average FOC / day reductions on the whole fleet coming back every day as you keep Monitoring the performance of your fleet. Please have a look at our previous blog on more actual savings cases for fleet Performance Management: https://blogs.dnvgl.com/performance/how-much-can-be-saved-in-vessel-performance-projects-real-case-studies/

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