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Managing safety in a changing time



Our colleagues from DNV GL in Norway will organize on Tuesday 11th of January 2017 a breakfast seminar around the “safety management” topic.

As discussed in different articles, like the last one, the causes of major accidents are often complex. Their assessments must take into account multiple variables and the outcomes are influenced by organizational, technological and human factors.

Recently, different variables and factors are more and more predominant in Oil&Gas industry, such as downsizing, digitalization programs, …

Therefore DNV GL would like to invite the different professionals to share and discuss how to manage safety risks in times as the industry is changing and getting more complex. The proposed themes to be discussed during seminar will be:

  •  How will restructuring, downsizing, improvement and efficiency programs, change in technology, digitalization and ageing installations impact safety?
  • How do we ensure control with safety performance when many significant changes are taking place at the same time?

The seminar will be held at Stavanger Concert Hall, VIP Lounge from 08:00 to 11:15.

If the seminar is of interest for you, or have any questions either register, please send an email to dag.ketil.gronnesby@dnvgl.com.


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