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Is safety under control on the Norwegian Continental Shelf?

Our deemed experts Andreas Falck and Børre Paaske take a stand and explain how DNV GL could support safety management on the Norwegian continental shelf that has recently showed some weaknesses.
Indeed, the Norwegian Oil & Gas industry is nowadays very concerned about safety level and its trend since the oil crisis started. As examples, we have recently experienced several serious incidents on the Norwegian continental shelf and the last annual report from PSA “Risk on Norwegian Continental Shelf 2016” points out that the trend of safety level may have reversed in the last couple of years. The reasons are diverse and can be found at different levels in an organization. Nevertheless, in general, the problem is mostly because the industry does not manage to cope with the rapid change processes that happen.
In this article, DNV GL experts demonstrate their point of view and explain how managing risk holistically and effectively during the many ongoing parallel and complex change processes hitting the industry these days is important. Comprehensive change and risk management assessments will help the industry to implement the right and necessary actions to retake the safety management under control.
For more details, go and read the article, in Norwegian, on www.offshore.no.

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