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Verasus: What’s been happening

‘Time flies when you are having fun’ they say, and we have! We have also been super busy! Time has flown by since we last made a blog post. Let’s update you on what has happened with Verasus since then.

Verasus at the SMC and the 2nd decision gate

First we had the honour to present our concept and our way of working at the Senior Management Council in January this year. This was a lot of fun! It was great to see so many positive and engaged people when it comes to digital transformation and innovation in our company! We also presented in more detail to our key stakeholders, or Venture Capitalists, as we call them. We managed to pass the second decision gate, and it was all ‘full steam ahead’.

Betting on one Trojan-horse

February flew by. We had focused all our energy on one major customer that we thought could be our Trojan-horse into a plethora of companies. Sadly, after lots of hard work the opportunity slipped. Not because of the solution we presented, but due to a strategic decision on their behalf. February seemed almost wasted, and we learned the hard way the coincidence of timing and the reality of politics.

So, we didn’t get the customer we wanted! Now we had to learn and keep moving! With a readjusted set of priorities we developed a sufficient Minimial Viable Product (MVP) of our app. We landed on the name ‘SDG Lens’ because of what the app does. It allows companies to see themselves through a different lens. Companies self-assess their business activities and their initiatives with respect to both their influence and impact on current contribution to the SDGs. An additional and differentiating factor is the focus if this impact is of a positive or negative type. With an MVP in hand we wanted to collect feedback from our customers. Not just one, but as many as we could get.

What’s a MVP?

But what is a Minimal Viable Product? How do you know when it is minimal? Or viable? Or an actual product? They say that it is “a version of a product which allows you to collect the maximum amount of validated learning with the least effort”. We’re obviously not talking about a Powerpoint or a teaser page, but the above statement of what an MVP is can really be understood differently depending on who you are. So, we asked ourselves; “What’s the smallest thing we can build that delivers customer value?” Well, here it is: the SDG Lens.

Verasus at the 3rd decision gate

So, when April came and our 3rd decision gate was due, we were in the middle of both developing and testing at the same time. As we had not scaled up our team after the 2nd decision gate (lesson learned), we were understaffed. We were therefore happy to get the go ahead to test our remaining hypothesis. Together with awesome colleagues in the London office we reached out to even more piloting customers.

We have been testing the app with both large and small companies. With global and regional, regardless of industry sector. Everyone wanting to self-assess their current potential to contribute to the SDGs on a target level.

Thanks to Group Sustainability we were also featured as DNV GL’s sustainable solution in ‘Innovation Norway’s’ digital show-room called The Explorer. You can find the Verasus concept here and read more about it!

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