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Next Generation Innovation


Introducing DNV GL’s first ‘start-in’: Verasus!

At DNV GL, we’re always searching for ways to be more digital, agile and efficient to provide better customer services and insights. For the first time we’re developing a DNV GL start-in. These are teams that work like a start-up; still within the company but with total autonomy to step out of their day jobs and focus on a customer pain point.

These customer needs form the foundation for a new business idea, with a review process every three months. The start-in approach keeps the customer at the centre, identifying and developing untapped business opportunities in a faster, more flexible way.

The idea for start-ins had its genesis in DNV GL’s Next Generation Summit. The summit is a two-day event held each year, bringing together around 60 of the company’s up-and-comers from around the globe. For 32 hours delegates worked intensively in teams – using the design sprint methodology coupled with open space technology – to develop digital business ideas that are viable, feasible and desirable.

The goal of the summit is to motivate and engage our young people across more than 100 countries and dozens of technical industries; to help them connect and build their professional networks both with each other and top management; to leverage the insights of these digital natives; and to get their real-time, unfiltered feedback on what our leadership team needs to do to ensure our 150-year-old company remains agile and relevant. And of course, to generate new business ideas around customer needs.

The Next Generation DNV GL summit held in August 2017, where Verasus was selected as our first start-in.

Opening of the Next Generation DNV GL summit by CEO and President Remi Eriksen held in August 2017 in Oslo, Norway.



Introducing our first start-in: Verasus

The winning idea generated at the Next Generation Summit chosen to be developed as a start-in was Verasus: a concept to help customers draw deeper and more meaningful insights from sustainability big data to make better business decisions, through leveraging DNV GL’s Veracity industry data platform. This idea aligns with our company’s vision of a global impact for a safe and sustainable future.

Three summit delegates were selected for the Verasus team: Holly Gregory (Business Assurance, UK), Benjamin Bjørge (Maritime, Norway) and Derek Ming Wang (Global Shared Services IT, China). They will be blogging regularly to keep you updated on the team’s progress.

Commitment to the start-in goes right to the top: the Verasus ‘venture capitalist’ board consists of DNV GL Group President and CEO Remi Eriksen, DNV GL – Business Assurance CEO Luca Crisciotti, and senior sustainability experts. The team will also receive mentoring from innovation experts within and external to DNV GL.

The team has relocated to DNV GL’s HQ near Oslo, Norway, and will work using a design sprint process for three intensive months before their next decision gate in January 2018. Customer-centric to the core, the Verasus team already began working with customers to refine the needs Verasus should address within the first week.

Other Next Generation projects

Three further ideas were identified at the Next Generation Summit as complementary to digitalization projects already underway in DNV GL. These ideas won funding for incorporation into broader projects:


The Foobe team presenting their start-in idea at the Next Generation Summit.

The Foobe team presenting their start-in idea at the Next Generation Summit.

The FooBe team is investigating the application of block chain technology in the food and beverage supply chain.

Team members Ethan Clopton (Business Assurance, USA) and Viktor Ogeman (Maritime, Norway) began with a five day sprint to understand how DNV GL can utilize the likes of digital identities, smart contracts, blockchain protocols and existing services. The team also met with and learnt from other companies in the same field.

“This is a very exciting opportunity, and we hope to contribute as much as possible to DNV GL’s steps towards the application of block chain technology,” say Viktor and Ethan.

The team will continue their work with more design sprints throughout the year.


The Instatrust team meeting in Barcelona.

The Instatrust team meeting in Barcelona.

The Instatrust team is addressing fast changing market conditions in the solar sector. The project is focusing on enhancing DNV GL’s offering to investors by facilitating the way they identify and select projects. The team is leveraging on DNV GL and Green Power Monitor’s (GPM) existing solar services and the emergence of new scalable digital technologies and business models.

Team members Caroline Brun Ellefsen (Group Technology and Research, Norway), Dácil Melian (Energy, Spain), Elisa Brutto (Energy, South Africa) and Pau Puigdollers (Energy, Spain) have started testing early assumptions and further refining the idea and functionalities of Instatrust in collaboration with senior management at GPM.


The Verafleet team

The Verafleet team

Charlotte Bath (Oil & Gas, UK), Zhang Fan (Maritime, Singapore) and Nicolai Rehbein (Maritime, Germany) are continuing with Verafleet; a service intended to reduce the unnecessary surveyor visits and inspections on board ships.

“We have found that there is a large overlap of our idea with the product Safety Insight, as such we want to extend the reach of that project by making data available to a variety of data consumers” says Nicolai Rehbein.






Stay tuned!

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