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New version of the FSC Controlled Wood Standard

FSC will during 2016 release new versions of several standards for FSC COC. These will influence the way companies work with FSC COC already this year.

The following standard has been approved and will become valid from 1 July 2016: FSC –STD-40-005 ver 3.0.

This standard (40-005) is applicable for organizations applying FSC-STD-40-004 Chain of Custody Certification and wish to include controlled wood in the scope of their certificate. Such organizations can apply this standard to verify non-FSC certified material for the purpose of producing and selling FSC Controlled Wood and/or FSC Mix products.

It is not intended for sourcing material with the FSC Controlled Wood claim from FSC certified organizations.

Main changes in the new version of FSC-STD-40-005 ver 3.0

The revised standard introduces a due diligence approach for sourcing of controlled wood.

With the new version organizations are required to ensure that the non-certified material they use is controlled, by:

  1. implementing a due diligence system for obtaining information on their supplies;
  2. conducting a risk assessment (using an FSC risk assessment procedure); and
  3. mitigating the risk of sourcing unacceptable material (related to the origin of the material itself, and of mixing in the supply chain).

Other important changes include:

  • a summary of the Due Diligence System shall be publicly available, it will be part of a public summary that the certification body has to publish in the FSC database after the audit
  • more detailed requirements for the treatment of stakeholder feedback and complaints, and also a requirement for the certification body to conduct a stakeholder consultation prior to the annual audit
  • simpler and clearer requirements for information on the origin of material
  • new requirements for using FSC approved risk assessments of origin of material, and for organizations to conduct risk assessments where no FSC approved risk assessment exists. In addition the certificate holder has to do a risk assessment of the risk of mixing material in the supply chain
  • new requirements for risk mitigation, which allow organizations much greater flexibility in how they mitigate specified risks of sourcing unacceptable material at a low level
  • specific requirements for mitigating risk related to the rights of Indigenous Peoples and traditional peoples, and threats to intact forest landscapes
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