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The revised AAF Policy is effective 01 January 2016

Below you find some important points in the Policy, see also the full Policy which you find as an attachment in the Blog-post.

The AAF Policy will be reviewed annually (every calendar year) and, if necessary, revised to remain consistent with any new FSC strategy and/or policy or account for inflation according to the global inflation rate of the previous year. 

Calculation of the AAF for COC certificates has been developed using 11 different classes, and it is based on the annual financial turnover of all certified and non-certified products containing wood or wood fiber components (excluding freight), of each certificate holder. For the purposes of this Policy, the annual turnover refers to the most recently completed fiscal year.

FSC will calculate the AAF from the information provided by CBs in the FSC database.

The AAF invoices will be calculated on a quarterly basis, taking into account the AAF information available in the FSC database on the determination dates specified in Table 4 (or the next working day) and dividing the final result by four.

Table 4: AAF determination dates Quarter Determination date
1 01 January
2 01 April
3 01 July
4 01 October

A suspended certificate is considered valid and therefore subject to payment of the AAF.

To see the new fees, please check the attached

Exception: A certificate which has been suspended due to the absence of a valid ‘License Agreement for the FSC Certification Scheme’ is not subject to AAF anymore.

Fees are found in the FSC-POL-20-005 V2-4 EN AAF Policy.



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