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National Risk Assessments (NRAs) and the Centralized National Risk Assessment (CNRA)

The Centralized National Risk Assessment is the first phase of implementing the revised Controlled Wood system. The primary objective of the CNRA is to identify low risk areas for each of the five CW categories in the 20 priority countries. This will reduce the work for certificate holders sourcing un-certified material from these areas (the requirements for proof of origin are still the same).

The CNRA will form the basis for a second phase – the full National Risk Assessment process (– which will add risk specification and control measures to the low risk assessment contained in the CNRA).

CNRAs will be developed in the following priority countries – the top 20 countries for CW sourcing globally:

USA                    Canada              Latvia                 Russia                Sweden               Estonia              France               Lithuania           Poland               Brazil                 Spain                  Finland              Austria               Czech Republic                           Slovakia             Japan                 Belgium             Ireland                                        India                   South Africa

For these countries there is no need for the certificate holders to develop their own Interim Risk Assessments, as long as the CNRA is finalized by the end of 2015 including all the five CW categories. The plan is that they will be finalized even earlier.

For areas where there is low risk for all five CW categories, the certificate holder can consider the un-certified raw material as FSC Controlled Wood, provided the certificate holder has evidence of region of origin.

If there are Specified Risk areas for any of the five CW categories, the organization shall implement effective Control Measures to mitigate ‘specified risk’. See 7.4 (and 7.5) in FSC-STD-40-005 ver 3 (only draft standard exists at the moment).

Interim Risk Assessment shall be conducted for areas of unassessed risk, and unassessed Controlled Wood Categories, according to the requirements of FSC-STD-40-005 ver 3 together with FSC-PRO-60-002a FSC National Risk Assessment Framework.

Interim Risk Assessments are only allowed until 31 Dec 2017. After this date, FSC will ensure NRA development.

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Felicitations pour cette semaine speciale elections, tu t’es donne’ a fond, tous les posts sont vraiment extra!On reconnait bien M.Jackson, pas de probleme.Par contre Black et Decker, pf2;3f&#8ff0f.

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