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Energy in Transition


Wind power plant operations – Is it all about turbine performance?

At DNV GL, I have seen from different perspectives that wind farm developers and owners are faced with many challenges to increase the performance of wind turbines and reduce downtime. Today, modern turbines are meeting the industry performance assumptions of 97% onshore and 94% offshore. The recent auctions intensified the expectations towards the industry to further drive down the costs of producing electricity.

We at DNV GL believe that it’s time to bring the best together to look at the whole power plant operations. In addition to the turbine performance we think we should jointly investigate more on how the plant setup and management could be optimized for best operation over the lifetime.

Joint Industry Project – Let’s join our forces

I hope you agree that we need to continue to support the renewables business in our all interest and future generations. So, let’s all join our experiences and start this Joint Industry Project (JIP) to develop a recommended practice which should describe best practices for the operation of wind power plants. We will address strategic and technical management topics as well as the operational configurations to define the optimal operational setup and handling.

Everyone is invited to work with us in setting the frame to get the most out of the power plant over the lifetime. Doing this without disregarding the required quality in the interest of the reliability. Only by joining forces and industry collaboration we can develop this recommended practice to define a baseline for stakeholders such as developers, operators, investors and insurance companies. We will provide guidance to enhance the wind farm performance further and grow the wind industry for a worldwide applicability. Benchmarking of power plants will be possible as well applying the recommended practice.

I would be happy to welcome you on board to find an enhanced solution which shall help wind power to become an even more competitive source of renewable energy.

Are you interested to join? You’re very much welcome to contact me.

For further information, please find our flyer here.

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