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Energy in Transition

Energy in Transition


Will TX residents open homes to smart energy offerings? KEMA explores.

Electricity competition and new residential smart energy offers are intersecting. As utilities build metering infrastructure, many organizations are entering the home energy tech business. What residential offer adoption can be expected? 

KEMA is launching a new multi-client study to address the question of residential adoption of home energy technology offers. The “First to Market” project will assess emerging business models and home energy technologies across North America. It will also conduct a survey of residential customers and forecast offer adoption in Texas, where the state is poised to take a market leadership position in smart energy.

“As utilities begin to build out new metering infrastructure, numerous organizations are entering the home energy technology business,” said Taff Tschamler, Director of Retail Energy, KEMA, Inc. “The customer side of the market is just starting to develop.  With the rollout of advanced metering starting in 2009, Texas is poised to rapidly accelerate innovation in how customers purchase, monitor and control electricity use. It will be a proving ground for the rest of the country in terms of the type of offers that smart meters enable and how customers will respond.”

The KEMA ‘First to Market’ study will combine customer and vendor survey data with expert analysis of offers spurred by the deployment of advanced metering. In addition, it will define customer preferences and propensities, estimate the market size of key smart energy offers, and conduct a scenario analysis of potential evolution of the smart energy market in Texas.

For additional information on the KEMA study, visit www.kema.com/first2market.

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