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Energy in Transition


Viridity Energy on revolutionizing the large-scale energy ‘pro-sumer.’

Viridity Energy is helping large energy users efficiently use distributed resources such as cogeneration, solar, energy storage systems and controllable loads. Viridity Energy CEO Audrey Zibelman will be providing a look into strategies and options for creating and delivering value for the evolving customer-utility relationship at the KEMA 2010 Utility of the Future leadership forum.

Smart grid company, Viridity Energy, has developed an advanced software platform, VPowerä, which enables organizations to proactively participate in wholesale power markets—allowing controllable resources to appear to the Market Operator as a single, Virtual Generator, optimized and ready to be dispatched into the capacity, day-ahead, real-time and regulation energy markets.

On the large-scale utility customer-side, Zibelman notes, “Smart grid, distributed energy resources and controllable load are revolutionizing large-scale electricity consumers’ role in helping to stabilize and balance the electricity grid. Ultimately the benefits of a smarter grid will be realized as large consumers of electricity transform into ‘pro-sumers’—customers who can maximize economic gain from energy assets while providing greater system reliability and environmental benefits.”     

Zibelman will be part of the KEMA Utility of the Future 2010 panel focused on what is next in the utility-customer relationship and balancing choices to extract value. KEMA’s third annual Utility of the Future Leadership Forum, “Strategic Choices – Striking Equilibrium” is gathering energy and utility industry CEOs who will be sharing their insights on strategy and challenges to engage customers and achieve a sustainable energy supply.

KEMA’s 3rd annual Utility of the Future leadership forum
June 23 – 25, 2010
The Four Seasons, Washington D.C.

Designed in concert with an advisory panel of insightful, forward-thinking senior industry executives, KEMA’s Utility of the Future leadership series provides a view from the top on critical issues facing energy and utility industry and stakeholders and offers opportunities for leaders to connect with their peers as they seek to build for the future.

To register, and for more information, visit: www.kema.com/UtilityFuture2010

For a look into the insights gained from the previous years’ Utility of the Future leadership series, visit www.kema.com/UtilityFutureSeries.

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