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Surf, Sun and Savings – A preview of some of DNV GL’s Summer Study presenters

Every two years, energy engineers and sustainability professionals invade coastal California for the ACEEE’s Summer Study. And while the attendees will be soaking up the sun and enjoying the Pacific breeze at the DNV GL Beach Cleanup Event, they will also be meeting a diverse group of professionals, who will be speaking over a range of topics that reduce energy and help limit the impacts of climate change. This year’s theme is “Making Efficiency Easy and Enticing”. DNV GL’s Program Design and Implantation group, PDI for short, will feature several speakers that highlight how we can create a more dynamic, and sustainable future for our buildings. We would love to see if in person! The below are some short writeups about how our experts are leading the charge for a greener, sustainable, more energy efficient world.

Joseph St. John, PDI’s lead on all things HVAC, starts things off on Monday, 8/13 – He speaks at 8:30am in session 1 of Panel 3, which overviews HVAC controls. Joe will present on SQ3, an operational business model that DNV GL has developed for HAVC service contractors. SQ3 aims to help service contractors evolve into ‘customer consultants’, who help customers proactively plan for replacements, rather than wait until an emergency. DNV GL has implemented 2 SQ3 pilots, and Joe will be recommending that other utilities look to incentive based programs that move away from formal sales trainings, and instead provide initial, direct support leading to an on-going adoption of the model.

Yours truly, Wesley Whited, PDI’s resident lighting expert, will also be speaking on Monday, 8/13 at 8:30. I’m the first presenter for Panel 12, and will be discussing my paper “IoT for Everyone”. The Internet of Things is a highly complex, and technical topic. It is easy for people to feel overwhelmed by the details, which can lower the total value that these systems can deliver. My presentation seeks to conceptualize the rapid changes that are occurring around us, to help everyone find this additional value, and drive future deployments. We will start with the 36,000-foot overview, to describe the IoT and look at the speed of its deployments, we then will drop to the 10,000-foot level, to see the impacts of the IoT on the build environment as we move into an era of Smart Buildings. Finally, we fall to the 100-foot level to discuss the value that individual devices and systems can deliver. I’ll take this all home by tying these changes to the world of energy efficiency and finish with three recommendations that program managers can adopt to drive future deployments and have more positive impacts on our planet.

Tim Sennott, PDI’s go-to data analytics guru speaks on Wednesday, 8/15 at 8:30am. Tim is kicking off Session 1 of Panel 4, which is about using data to better target customers. He will be deep diving into data analytics to create customer focused dialogue on cost effective EE program outcomes. Tim will be presenting on interactive analytics tools for implementation programs, in particular those which examine the entire billing population together with participation data. The presentation will include best practices as well as examples, including recommendations for implementers. We propose that user-centric, interactive and highly visual tools such as these will play a critical role in enabling the future of data-driven decision making for program design and implementation.

Jennifer McWilliams, PDI’s thought leader on manufactured housing, finishes off our speaking slots, presenting at 8:30am on Friday, 8/17. Jennifer is on Panel 10, which focuses on ‘Bringing ZE to affordable housing”. Manufactured housing offers a unique opportunity for energy efficiency, with centralized building locations where energy efficient decisions can be made, affecting a large number of homes. Jennifer McWilliams will be presenting a paper showing the modeled technical potential for annual energy and atmospheric CO2 savings if mobile home factory practices were changed nationwide. Come learn about the huge energy and atmospheric carbon reductions that can be achieved if all manufacturing was built to ENERGY STAR® standards. Jennifer then takes things a step further by showing the additional savings if the HUD-code baselines were updated to reflect Zero Energy Ready standards.

DNV GL is proud to be supporting the ACEEE Summer Study. We are honored to be sharing our unique insights to help “Make Efficiency Easy and Enticing”. To learn more about how DNV GL can help your utility design, implement and execute better EE programs for your business and residential customer, please visit our website, here. You will also find a link to a variety of knowledge hubs on specific topics like, Smart Lighting, Data Center EE, and mid-stream program implementation. Finally, if you are not able to make it to the Summer Study, please follow our blog, as we will be releasing post-event recaps and other content related to this conference.

DNV GL has successfully designed and implemented Smart Lighting Systems projects on behalf of our utility clients for four years. Our team has significant project experience in both retrofitting and new construction of lighting projects. We work through the project life-cycle to identify, justify and evaluate energy saving measures and provide post-installation engineering review to verify savings.

Our team is available to work directly with large institutions to assist them with Smart Lighting Systems projects. For more information, please contact Wesley Whited. Wesley Whited is a Senior Consultant for Smart Lighting Systems at DNV GL. Mr. Whited has seven years’ experience in the commercial lighting market ranging from project management to sales. Mr. Whited is a graduate of West Virginia University (WVU) and holds a MBA from Capital University in Columbus, OH

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