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Special Report: We now offer pandemic risk management services

Compiled from DNV GL reports

As our utility partners know, DNV GL’s Energy division designs, implements, and evaluates energy efficiency (EE) programs across the U.S. and Canada. But what you may not know is that our Business Assurance division works in the areas of certification, verification, assessment, and training services – helping businesses “assure the performance of their organizations, products, people, facilities and supply chains.”

This means our experts have been helping businesses around the world cope with a “new normal” created by the on-going COVID-19 pandemic – and are now helping U.S. companies, including utilities, create a new level of business resilience.

The fact is that such resilience in the time of COVID-19 is an unprecedented challenge. Yet the ability to demonstrate trusted infection risk prevention and mitigation is something that every company will need to accomplish in order to win back trust from consumers, employees and other stakeholders.

To that end, Business Assurance launched My Care to help companies build trust in their infection risk management by assessing their compliance with appropriate actions.

About My Care

DNV GL’s proprietary My Care framework was developed to support companies in assessing, managing, and mitigating infection risk in their management systems, business processes, and operations.  Whether you need to measure your system’s operational readiness or to understand its maturity and identify areas for further improvement, My Care assessments provide the necessary organizational insight and trust.

Companies undergoing the readiness assessment obtain the Infection Prevention Ready trust mark (see images), while the maturity assessment generates the Infection Prevention Advanced trust mark. Customers using our custom services will obtain a specific trust mark for their use.

This trust mark is then linked to that company’s assessment statement, which is stored on Blockchain, adding an extra layer of security and trust. The trust mark can then be displayed in a company’s online channels or physically on its premises. Customers can  instantly access the validated statement for verification and use it in their decision making.

Until now, such a level of risk management has previously been seen only in hospitals, but now it’s being asked of every company in every industry: they are being required to comply quickly with new standards of protection and mitigation, and demonstrate their ability to manage infection risk in line with national requirements and industry-wide best practices.

“Working daily with hospitals on quality and infection prevention, we know how complex but also how critical it is to have the right standard and risk-based preventive systems in place,” said Luca Crisciotti, DNV GL’s CEO of Business Assurance.

“We have in the past combined our experience and expertise from HSE management systems and maturity models to develop healthcare standards. With My Care, we are building on this proven expertise, tailoring it for application in different industries, to help companies keep people safe.”

My Care enables companies to prevent and mitigate infection risk from emerging pathogens in a structured and proven way, communicating confidence to employees, consumers and others that compliant and necessary measures safeguard their health. The My Care methodology can support any type of company or organization in its infection risk management compliance and maturity efforts. The assessment process measures the prevention and mitigation actions in place and provides valuable knowledge on the overall performance.

The detailed maturity assessment report can be used to improve and drive lasting changes to a company’s HSE (health, safety and environment) policies and management system. By understanding their level of compliance and identify areas that needs improvement companies can build business resilience.

My Care Services

Some of the specific COVID-19-focused services offered include:

  • Infection risk management: Companies returning to business now must navigate a new environment created by the pandemic, by changed consumer behaviors, and by national, regional and local government emergency orders restricting activity. In this new environment, management must instill confidence in stakeholders that they are implementing measures for safe and secure operations. DNV GL’s My Care framework helps assess, manage and mitigate infection risk, enabling businesses to communicate trust to the market.
  • Supplier qualification during a crisis: The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted global and local supply chains, forcing companies to find new ways to qualify, assess and manage suppliers. DNV GL can help identify gaps and appropriate actions, and help actively qualify and assess suppliers while addressing risks, maintaining control and keeping the wheels turning.
  • Working from home assessment protocol: With employees working from home being the “new normal,” it’s essential to know that your workers are doing so in a consistently data-secure manner. DNV GL’s “Working from Home Assessment Protocol” helps your company identify those information and cyber security gaps posing the greatest risks to its operations.

“Companies have had to adapt by reviewing, and sometimes drastically changing, its processes and ways of supplying goods, services or operating its facilities,” Crisciotti said. “Infection risk management measures have become relevant, even essential, for every single organization to continue operations.”

Across the U.S., there is an urgency to re-open and reliably sustain businesses, yet there has been a hesitation by consumers and even employees to return in large numbers: They want reassurance that it’s safe to do so. As a result, companies must demonstrate compliance to continue operations and reassure their customers that their operations can be trusted to be safe.

“As societies carefully reopen, companies are gradually resuming business volumes,” said Paul McNellis, Global Assessment and Advisory Director for Business Assurance. “But without the ability to assure customers that it’s safe to use any service you may offer, there will be no business to resume.”

And this, he said, “comes on top of employee safety.”

A Holistic Approach

The My Care program offers a holistic approach to build robust policies and processes that keep people safe, enabling companies to not only re-open safely today, but also adapt to a post-COVID-19 environment. Regardless of where your company is on this journey, the objective of My Care is to assure that the processes and policies which are implemented work effectively to safeguard people.

To achieve this, our experts use a structured approach, incorporating continual improvement and monitoring that includes:

  • Assessing your capabilities to manage and mitigate infection risk​
  • Adapting your processes and/or HSE policies to the post COVID-19 environment
  • Re-assuring your customers as a pre-requisite to re-opening business​
  • Connecting customers digitally to build trust
  • Adapting and improving, re-assessing and re-engaging​

Benefits to your business

  • Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance
  • Providing assurance to key stakeholders of your capability to manage risk
  • Building a robust management system for rapid COVID-19 response and long-term business resilience
  • Communicating to the market that you are operating a safe and secure business

Relevance to Your Company

My Care includes three service offerings, relevant to companies across all types of industries:

Readiness assessment

  • What: Verify that all infection prevention measures required to restart operations have been adopted and implemented.
  • Who: All companies in any industry that want to understand their degree of compliance with relevant legislation best practices and to communicate performance to all stakeholders.
  • Output: Assessment report outlining performance and improvements needed. Readiness statement for internal and external use. The My Care digital trust mark for external communication.

Maturity assessment

  • What: Measure the maturity level of your processes and management systems’ incorporation of, and ability to, manage infection prevention and mitigation.
  • Who: Organizations seeking to manage and evolve their infection risk capability maturity within their HSE systems.
  • Output: Maturity profile for internal application and maturity level statement for external use. The My Care digital trust mark for external communication.

Custom services

  • What: Get a tailored customer programs based on the My Care methodology, which can include development or adaptation of protocol, training and assessment programs.
  • Who: Ideal for larger organizations or networks looking to build on an existing framework or in need of a specific program to manage their operations.
  • Output: Ad hoc specific protocol(s). Training and/or assessment programs. Custom statement for internal and external use. Digital trust mark for external communication.

My Care’s development is firmly founded on DNV GL’s infection risk management approach used by hospitals to ensure patient safety. The healthcare standards and expertise of our in-house healthcare surveyors and medical professionals has been combined with our risk management knowledge, HSE management system expertise and the maturity approach of the International Safety Rating System (ISRS™), a world-leading system used to assess, improve and demonstrate the health of an organization’s business processes.

All assessments are conducted by DNV GL experts with competence that matches the My Care methodology:

  • ISRS*-trained consultants for maturity approach;
  • ISO 45001 lead auditors for risk management knowledge;
  • Harmonized by specific delivery training on methodology;
  • Supported as required by DNV GL healthcare professionals in the US, Europe and Asia.

To learn more about these services and how DNV GL can help your company navigate this “new normal,” click here.

Read more in the latest issue of Connects.

Compiled from DNV GL’s Business Assurance Division reports, with additional reporting by Craig Farrand, DNV GL Senior Consultant.

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