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Energy in Transition

Energy in Transition


Smart substations for smart grid: protection, control, and information management

Modern integrated substations are hubs for the smart grid. Substation protection and control (P&C) intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) are the power system eyes and ears operating within and around these substations. The IEDs stream data to support the enterprise through integrated communications. Substations are also becoming important as data aggregation points in distributed smart grid architectures.

To support Smart Grid deployments to obtain the best value for a utility, there is a vast array of requirements to support current power system measurement technologies, data communications, P&C application, and substation integration to support smart grid functions, system operations, and NERC requirements.

KEMA’s David Boroughs is a co-presenter of the DistribuTECH 2011 Utility University course “Smart Substations Protection, Communications, Control, Information Management for the Enterprise” which focuses on the integration of the substation to support Smart Grid requirements, including tele-protection and communications networks. Topics include:

 > New design and application of P&C for power apparatus

> Benefits and security challenges for LAN-based substations

> Substations as aggregation points for smart grid system-wide communications

> Wide area measurement, protection, automation, and control (WAMPAC), including synchrophasors

> Planning & optimization of backhaul and access communications networks to support smart grid traffic

> New P&C panel design, substation user interfaces, and maintenance approaches

Learn more and register for “Smart Substations-protection, Communications, Control, Information Management for the Enterprise” – UU # 101, Sunday, Jan. 30. 2011. Visit www.kema.com/DistribuTECH.

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