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Energy in Transition

Energy in Transition


Smart grids: Not just for electric service

This author no longer works for DNV GL.

Smart grid has traditionally focused on electric service. Water is also a precious and valuable commodity that warrants and justifies being included into the “smart resources” family. Many municipal utilities serve their communities with reliable and sustainable electric and water services. Learning how to leverage the intelligence gained from the systems that support the smart delivery of electricity and water can provide the next level of customer intimacy relationship utilities desire.

Water and delivery management has become a more significant factor as many combined water and electric utilities explore and implement advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). While many technological advances have been focused on the electric side of the business, utilities can realize significant, customer-valued benefits as AMI systems roll out.

Utilities do face unique challenges in embarking on a combined water and electric AMI system.  Frequently, there are diverse business requirements, economic hurtles, and logistics management that need to be considered.

Glendale Water and Power’s Glenn Steiger, General Manager of GWP, and KEMA’s VP of AMI, Ron Chebra, will present a paper on “Implementing a Water and Electric AMI System” at DistribuTECH 2011, during the Water Utility Tech track, on Wednesday, February 2.

Learn how Glendale Water and Power recognized the value of rolling out a complete water and electric AMI system, what synergies evolved, and what challenges were faced in deploying this system. Topics that will be discussed include a review of organizational changes that were needed, how diverse business needs are combined into common technology areas, and what the future will hold for customers of the city.

Learn more about KEMA’s participation in DistribuTECH 2011.

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