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Energy in Transition

Energy in Transition


Reinventing the electric system: Generation applications of grid-connected energy storage

There is now an influx of variables weighing on the grid, as deployment of renewable energy technologies escalate, renewable portfolio standards grow, and electric vehicle demand increases. Today the electric system still operates in just-in-time delivery mode. Energy storage is a key component to reinvent our electric system infrastructure.

In the first in a series of three energy storage guest articles for Smart Grid News, Rick Fioravanti, director of storage applications and support at KEMA, comments on the potential for using grid-connected energy storage to complement certain generation applications, as a guest author for Smart Grid News.

In this article, KEMA provides insight into how grid-connected energy storage may be used to complement generation applications, if obstacles are overcome. Examples of generation applications, which are based on varying degrees of time, include:

* Regulation response

* Governor response

* Spinning reserves

* Real-time dispatch or balancing energy

* Renewables balancing (ramping)

What to find out more? Read the full Smart Grid News article.

The commentary is based on KEMA’s Utility of the Future guidebook, The promise of energy storage.

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