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On Energy Efficiency Day, Reflecting on Why I Chose a Career in Energy Efficiency!

The DNV GL Ohio team includes a group of engineers who recently entered the job market. As we look at energy efficiency day, it is a great time to look at why these millenials chose energy efficiency as their career path.  For those of us who have been around for many years and our hair is turning grey, it is refreshing to see a generation behind us to carry on the work we have done for so long.

“I believe energy, and energy efficiency will prove to be a pivotal factor for my generation and how we leave this planet for the next. I see my career in energy efficiency as an opportunity to have a real impact on this outcome. Hopefully, with my position as an influencer, I can cast a wide net to magnify any impact I might have by doing my part to promote the importance of energy efficiency and the positive effects that it has on the environment. Marketing is one of those careers that has the power to influence real change – but it’s what we decide to do with it that makes the difference. I see energy efficiency as an opportunity to guide progressive changes that will truly benefit our planet for future generations.”

 – Richard Snow

“Today, the ideas of our youth that bad things can happen if we don’t take care of our planet are no longer ideas, but very much our reality.  As a mother to three children, I realized the world I was leaving for them would not sustain them, any potential grandchildren, or great-grandchildren.  I chose my career in Energy Efficiency for them.  I chose as one person to join a company that strives every day to make things better and never looked back.”

Marina Escobar

“I decided to make a switch in industry from the fast-paced Automotive Industry to the next ground-breaking Energy Industry. Not only did I foresee this industry to be uprising, I became very passionate of environmental sustainability and making the world a better place to live. Energy Efficiency saves money, improves the economy, good for the environment and enhances qualify of life. A lot of our resources and energy are wasted daily and being part of reducing this surplus is rewarding. There is a vast array of career options in Energy, and previous energy sector experience is not needed to enjoy the opportunities available. I am glad to have chosen this career path in Energy Efficiency as I see possibilities of rapid growth in this field.”

Nigma Mustafa

“Throughout my middle school years, teachers emphasized the importance of caring for the environment and making the world a better place by recycling, picking up trash, and turning off lights when not in use. It was only until I began working in Energy Efficiency that I truly realized how much impact a simple behavioural change can have on the environment. I wanted to be part of a community that strives to enhance the quality of life through sustainability and conservation. Through marketing, my hope is that people will become more aware of energy efficiency benefits by making the necessary changes in their personal lives and workplaces.”

Jade Harris

“A career in energy efficiency has been my number one option right from my high school days. The reason for this is, I had the good fortune of being surrounded by motivated individuals (which include my teachers and professors) who inculcated the importance of sustainability. I have come to realize in the past few years that pursuing a career in energy efficiency would be the best way to do my part as a responsible citizen of this planet. Hence, I took up this option.”

Zaid Shaikh

“One of biggest challenges facing today’s world is the lack of sustainable energy use. I believe that we must leave the world in a better place. With my skills and experience as an Energy Engineer I have committed to a more sustainable world. One that would have clean and economical energy sources and alternatives. A dramatic shift from the current energy usage pattern is complex, as an Energy Engineer my role is to help smoothen the transition by looking at various Energy Efficiency opportunities which would ultimately lead to a NetZero (Carbon Zero) future.”

Raju Pusapati

“I personally think climate change is not a buzz word as some would like to believe but a real and palpable threat facing humanity. Energy efficiency has great potential to help curb global GHG emission which is widely accepted as one of the major contributing factors to climate change. Additionally, there is also the economic benefit that comes with energy efficient technical systems. My professional goal has been to be part of the global community working to reduce the impact of climate change by lending a helping hand with my skills and knowledge in the field of energy efficiency.”

Mesfin Taye

“I chose a career in energy efficiency because it combines something I am good at with a need in the world.  Reducing the amount of energy consumed will lower the overall negative impact on the environment caused by our current energy sources.  Coming up with creative energy efficient solutions to unique problems also provides a chance to learn something new with every project.  Energy efficiency is likely to be highly relevant long term as well as our resources grow more scarce and demand for power becomes even greater.”

Brad Gerberick

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