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Energy in Transition

Energy in Transition


Highlights of 2019: DNV GL Talks Energy Podcast

In the blink of an eye, the DNV GL Talks Energy podcast series has been running for 3 years. As a valued member of the DNV GL community, we would like to thank you, our listeners for your continued support in the past years.

The series, hosted by DNV GL – Energy Vice President, Mathias Steck features exclusive insight and opinion from world-leading experts, as well as thought leaders from DNV GL, on the global energy transition.

2019 saw us continue with the sixth series to eight series of our thought-provoking Talks Energy podcast; and if you haven’t yet subscribed, or would like to listen to more episodes, you may click on the respective links to do so.

Series 7: Face the Facts

A highlight from 2019 was the launch of our brand-new podcast format, Face the Facts, which saw energy professionals, sustainability experts and journalists respond to live news stories and events related to the climate emergency and the energy transition.

Of course, the topics discussed in this series are not limited to a certain period time, but rather are pertinent to the ongoing energy transition.

Here are some episodes you might be interested in:

Episode 6

The climate change puzzle

Amy Harder, Energy Reporter at Axios and formerly The Wall Street Journal, discusses her take on the eight pieces of the climate change puzzle and what she looks for when writing a story on this hugely topical, yet still divisive, issue.


Episode 7

Artificial Intelligence: keeping the lights on

Michael Wilkinson, Global Segment Leader, Energy Digitalization at DNV GL – Energy, explores how digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics can streamline the move towards a decentralized and decarbonized energy system.


Episode 8

The regenerative business

Juliet Davenport, Founder and CEO of Good Energy, looks at what it means to be a regenerative business, and what companies need to do to not only operate sustainably themselves, but to give back and support others in the fight against climate change.


Episode 9

Solar PV: Generating a brighter energy future

Dana Olson, Global Solar Segment Leader at DNV GL – Energy, explores the coming of age in solar power, the benefits already being seen and how advancements in technology are pushing it towards an even brighter future.


Episode 10

Electric Vehicles: Closing the emissions gap
Lucy Craig, Vice President of Technology and Innovation at DNV GL – Energy, looks at the not-too-distant electric future, the benefits and challenges of large-scale electric vehicle adoption and what this means for renewable energy generation moving forwards.


You may visit www.dnvgl.com/talksenergy to listen to more episodes in the series, which are also available on SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the podcast, please do not hesitate to contact us, or engage with us using the #TalksEnergy hashtag on social media.

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