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End-use metering workshops in Saudi Arabia

DNV GL co-hosted the Enetics’ Single Point End-Use Energy Disaggregation (SPEED) Workshop in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, during the week of November 15. The workshop training was sponsored by the Saudi Electric Company (SEC) and was well attended by regional metering personnel. The goal of the training was to familiarize the metering team with the non-intrusive load monitoring equipment and systems as the Kingdom prepares for the National project launch.

Bill Bush, President and CEO of Enetics, was the primary instructor for the three day workshop with Mohammed Shaban, Ideal Technical Solution, co-hosting and handling translation. Curt Puckett, DNV GL, opened the workshop by providing a general overview of the project emphasizing its importance in planning for the energy health of the Kingdom. Next, Claude Godin, DNV GL, set the stage for the non-intrusive load monitoring discussion by reviewing the metering alternatives considered for the project. At the conclusion of the workshop, the metering personnel received in-depth training on the equipment installation and commissioning process.

The Enetics equipment was selected to provide non-intrusive access to end-use data in residential premises. The end-use data will be combined with whole facility metering, survey, and population billing information to construct a bottom-up residential demand forecast. The forecast is expected to provide the necessary insight to allow the Kingdom to set policies governing future energy codes and regulations.

The residential end-use data collection project is co-sponsored by the Electricity Co-Generation Regulatory Authority (ECRA) and SEC. In December, the project is being rolled out to 1,200 households across the four regions covering the entire 860,000 square miles of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For more information on the project please contact Curt Puckett (curt.puckett@dnvgl.com) or Claude Godin (claude.godin@dnvgl.com) in the US, and Mohammed Atif (mohammed.atif@dnvgl.com) or Sebastien Aguilar (sebastien.aguilar@dnvgl.com) in the Middle East.

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