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Energy in Transition

Energy in Transition

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DNV GL celebrates Energy Efficiency Day with our clients and staff across the U.S.


Today is the fourth annual Energy Efficiency Day. Today we join utilities, corporations, government agencies, contractors, product manufacturers, and others involved in the energy transition to showcase and celebrate the benefits of energy efficiency.

DNV GL has been at the heart of the energy efficiency industry for more than 40 years, developing and implementing innovative energy programs across North America.

To celebrate, our leaders are joining with clients and staff to mark the day and restate our collective commitment to the role of energy efficiency at the center of the energy transition. DNV GL’s recently released Energy Transition Outlook identifies energy efficiency as a key pillar to achieving the transition to a carbon-free future. Our work with customers implementing their energy efficiency programs is moving all of us closer to that goal.

Safer, smarter, greener is more than just a tagline for us. We see the impact of our actions every day through the impact we have on customers – be it the energy savings achieved, the rebates paid on behalf of utilities, the contractors we support, and the energy projects we facilitate. We are inspired by all the organizations that are actively saving energy, reducing their carbon footprints, and helping to create a sustainable future.

Since 2015 DNV GL’s Program Development and Implementation team has:

  • Saved 7.9 TWh and 81.5 million therms
  • Paid over $685 million of incentives
  • Completed over 225,000 project applications

The energy savings achieved in our programs in just the past 3 years are the equivalent of taking over 1 million cars off the road for one year, eliminating the burning of 2.74 million tons of coal, charging 640 billion smart phones, or reducing the annual electricity use of nearly 900,000 homes. Now that’s something worth celebrating!

To everyone doing their part to save energy every day, we thank you!

Want to learn more? Email us with the subject “EE Day 2019” and we’ll respond.

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