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Energy in Transition

Energy in Transition


Community energy storage – an attractive, viable storage device

In the quest to develop viable solutions for energy storage, community energy storage combined with smart grid presents the greatest potential for integrating renewable energy resources, distributed generation, and demand response. Compared to larger batteries located in substations, community energy storage devices offer several advantages and can potentially overcome the top three barriers to storage development.

In the second guest article of three for a KEMA series on energy storage for Smart Grid News, KEMA Executive Consultant AIi Nourai comments on this potential. In this article, Nourai outlines key abilities of community energy storage, such as using renewable resources for distributed generation and demand response, which give it advantages over other energy storage technologies in development.

Read the full article on Smart Grid News to learn more.

This commentary is based on KEMA’s Utility of the Future guidebook, The promise of energy storage.

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