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Energy in Transition

Energy in Transition


Are you prepared for the transformation?

DNV GL identifies the complex dynamics underway in the industry as the transformation of players (both established and new), energy solutions, and decisive financing. Identities must be redefined. Trends must be acknowledged and evaluated. Will you be a leader, non-participant, or ride the waves? Ultimately, consumer value and engagement is the critical fulcrum for how the industry’s business strategies will evolve.

The Energy Executive Forum 2017 will set the stage for top industry players to identify the major factors and solutions driving change through lively debates, key speakers, and delegate participation. Visionary business leaders from the four key sectors converging on the consumer — Internet of Things companies, utilities, retail energy providers, and distributed energy providers — will share perspectives and insights that are driving their trajectories to a new brand identity. This innovative Forum structure will frame big insights and allow for mindshare of unique and powerful executive-level insights.

2017 is the first Forum in what we see as a trilogy. As entirely new paradigms evolve, the first stage is to understand the Convergence. DNV GL will host subsequent Forums around the synchronization of business strategies, finance trends, and market dynamics, culminating in clarity of this time of Convergence.


All of us are smarter than any one of us.

Join us at this exclusive event as we form the foundation for a new future of energy.

Our attendees include director level or above within retail energy, distributed energy, utilities, and a broad category of the Internet of Things — business seekers redefining energy market share through new technologies and services.

Newsletters, websites, trade magazines all have their value in keeping the industry current. But there simply is no replacement for the unique insight that occurs when smart people become smarter together.

The Energy Executive Forum 2017 brings top level executives out of their silos and puts their heads together in one place, where amazing things happen: surprising new connections are made; new ideas are explored; viewpoints from different vantage points converge to create a clearer perspective of the market.

To register and for more information, visit our website at energyexecutiveforum.com

Soner Kanlier heads DNV GL’s Competitive Energy Markets Practice. Soner has over 17 years of experience in the energy industry. He has worked for a major retail energy provider (Constellation), leading energy advisory and consulting firms and owned his own consulting firm for eight years in which he brokered major energy consulting engagements. In his present role, he works with senior management of energy & energy related companies in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom to bring DNV GL’s knowledge to address key strategic issues, with a focus on competitive markets, strategy, market design, process improvement, operational planning, solving complex business issues and delivering value, in relation to energy delivery systems both electric and natural gas with a sound understanding of market dynamics for companies throughout the energy value chain.

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