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AMI Infrastructure and consumer concerns: Accuracy beyond the smart meter

California and Texas media have picked up on customer concerns surrounding new smart meters—surfacing questions on how new advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) devices will affect their bills, and apprehensions about the “accuracy” of these new solid-state devices. Current results of forensic activity have shown that, in general, meters are very accurate measurement device. However, activities that surround the meter-to-bill process can lead to many possible opportunities for error.

The August 2010 issue of KEMA’s Automation Insight features a summary of a recent “roundtable” discussion to share and gain insights on the concerns of metering and metering systems’ accuracy.

KEMA’s AMI team–most of whom are subject matter experts in a specific component of AMI / smart grid– shared pertinent questions and answers taken from major recent projects that were surrounded by customers’ speculation. The Automation Insight article provides an excerpt of this discussion probing AMI areas that need to be examined and highlighting insights into testing and analysis components to use prior to implementing smart meters.

Read the full article at: http://www.kema.com/services/consulting/utility-future/smart-grid/Advanced-Metering-Systems-Infrastructure.aspx

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