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What does the new EU climate targets mean?

The European Commission outlined its plans for a climate and energy policy towards 2030 at a press conference in Brussels last week. The Commissioners want a binding target to reduce carbon emissions by 40% from 1990 levels. Furthermore, renewables will … Continue reading

Are we ready to eat the whole fish?

As a DNV employee I was assigned full time to the RUBIN Foundation for 20 years – the last 13 years as the general manager.  The main focus of RUBIN has been to increase the utilization of marine by-products – the … Continue reading

Certificates and global responsibility

The Norwegian green certificate scheme is in the media spotlight. Researchers argue that the scheme is not good for you or your wallet and may even lead to negative environmental consequences. Surely it is relevant to discuss how we can … Continue reading

Rio+20: Can a piece of paper become sustainable business?

Rio+20 – The UN Conference on Sustainable Development – will result in a piece of paper. We want that paper to help make the world a little better. In order for that to happen, industry has to be encouraged. That … Continue reading

New CSR strategy from the EU Commission

The EU Commission adopted a new Communication on CSR on 25 October 2011. Hopefully the package will boost financial, social and environmental development for Europe as well. I firmly believe heading for responsible investments instead of charity is the right … Continue reading


The cities of the future are being built today – Can our vision of what the future should look like translate into reality today? Ecocities/Sustainable cities/ecotowns/ecoquarters/green urbanization seems to be the buzzwords for new and existing developments globally. Governments seem … Continue reading

A Silent Revolution

Approximately 95% of all businesses are Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), and collectively they employ more than half the world’s workers. As well as being the backbone of the global economy, SMEs are a significant source of innovation. However, … Continue reading

Mining for Treasure Within our Waste: Landfill mining

Are you ready to do some gold digging? Don’t treat waste only as waste. It is time we exploit the vast pool of resources readily available to us, and landfill mining seems to be an obvious solution… For decades, even … Continue reading

Financial Times: Sustainability is here to stay

As if we did not know it – the business of business is business. It always has been and always will be. What the Financial Times is telling us this week is that the downside and upside of business are … Continue reading