Managing risks and seizing opportunities in renewables in Africa

African countries are on the verge of an economic breakthrough and offer great opportunities for those seeking to turn risk into reward in an increasingly complex global economy. China has grasped these opportunities and Norwegian public and private enterprises could do so too. The scene is set for a win-win situation. If risks are managed in a good way, there will be rewards – both for African nations on a path to reaching their development potential and for Norwegian and international public and private enterprises seeking to achieve returns on their investments while at the same time contributing to a sustainable future for Africa.

Tables have turned in the global economy

In a new paper, which was recently published in a report by WWF Norway, I share my reflections on Chinese investments in Africa, the opportunities this implies for Norwegian renewable energy actors, and how the investments risks can be managed.

 -Bjørn Haugland



  1. Great reading. I was inspired. I miss more aspects related to micro generation and micro grids. This is really something that could offer us and Africa a great opportunity. The Chinese are already good at it. Many Third World Countries are ideal area for DER (Distributed Energy Resources). Building a smart grid bottom-up may bring villages into the 21st century without devastating investments in grid infrastructure. Tap water, telecom, light, fridge faciliities and even computers could make its entry into rural and poor urban areas without first building transmission lines and maintaining a difficult fuel logistics. The experience could yeild Norwegian industry such as the NCE SMART cluster an edge. The experience could be easily transferred to more mature areas in Europe and the US later.

  2. Bjørn Haugland

    Thank you for your comment.

    Agree that micro generation & micro grids will be a great opportunity for Africa and other developing countries.

    The Chinese are already moving on this. It would be great to learn more how you see that such development could benefit Norwegian industry, including the NCE SMART cluster, both short and long term.

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