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Natural gas versus electric

There is a heated debate about electric cars in Norway these days. The background is quite simply that the Government has ensured that electric cars are omitted from all types of taxes and fees. As a result, electric cars are … Continue reading

A simple solution to air quality problems in Beijing

Here in China, the big discussion topic this weekend has been air quality. The story of record readings in Beijing seems to have reached all corners of the world over the weekend. Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s take on it as … Continue reading

World Energy Outlook – Fossil fuels will prevail

The International Energy Agency (IEA) have published their yearly World Energy Outlook, and today I have skimmed through the 690-page report. There is a lot to talk about, so I will break this into two blog posts. Today, we take … Continue reading

Beijing publishes new natural gas strategy

Compared to certain other countries’ showbiz type elections, the Chinese election process is a rather quiet act. Don’t be ashamed if you didn’t even know it was ongoing, but they are in fact in the midst of the process of … Continue reading

LNG is the first step towards carbon neutral shipping

In 1996, the Norwegian Government decided they wanted domestic ships in Norway to run on natural gas, and four years later the passenger ferry Glutra was launched as the worlds first LNG fuelled ship. The motivation behind this drive was … Continue reading

What is LNG?

Today we take a day off from future outlook, projections, uncertainties, and all that. Today, like good engineers, we look at the facts. And we start with natural gas at ambient temperature and pressure. Natural gas is primarily methane, with small … Continue reading

Climate impact of LNG fuelled ships

Over the past few months the climate impact of LNG fuelled ships have been discussed in several media. It seems it has come as a shock to journalists that LNG fuelled ships will not save the world from increasing temperatures … Continue reading

False perceptions about LNG

This week the LNG industry in Norway took another hit from people who base their opinions on false perceptions. Just a small re-cap before going into this week’s news story in Norway: We have quite some experience about false perceptions about LNG. As … Continue reading