LNG bunkering operation caught on tape

A few of my colleagues had the pleasure of witnessing the LNG bunkering operation for the platform supply vessel Viking Energy in the CCB offshore base in West coast of Norway. The video they filmed should be of interest as it clearly demonstrates the simplicitiy of the bunkering operation. Thanks to Eidesvik for sharing their experience, and I hope you all enjoy the video.

  1. Wang Fenliang

    Dear Mr. LARS,

    I can not see the video for LNG bunkering in your website, could you email me , thanks.

    Wang fenliang

  2. Ge, Chunhua

    A quick thought: Will it be possible to upload the video material to a Chinese quivalent youtube, such as http://www.youku.com or http://www.tudou.com? So Chinese audience can also benefit from the materials.
    Ge, Chunhua

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